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10 reasons why teaching is a good career choice

    Teaching is a great career choice with many advantages, and if done properly, is both exciting and rewarding. Unfortunately, teaching is an undervalued profession and salaries are often average or below that of other graduates. Governments in many countries are, however, adapting incentives for educators, realizing the critically important function of education to ensure a stable, prosperous nation.

    Legacy is a reward not measured by money.

    Dedicated teachers serve as inspiration to children and leave a lasting legacy in the lives of hundreds of children in the course of their careers. 

    It requires a lot of work, dedication, and patience, but it is never dull and ideal for positive persons. For those who love working with other people, teaching offers rewards that are not measured in monetary value.

    “An investment in education gives the best returns.”

    Benjamin Franklin

    10 Benefits of teaching as a career 

    There are many reasons to consider teaching as a profession:

    1. Teaching leaves a lasting legacy; it is one of the most rewarding careers – seeing a generation of students develop is a gratifying experience.
    2. Teaching is a stable profession with job security; unlike some other industries, it adopts to technology and cannot be replaced.
    3. Teaching is not geographically bound to cities; it is often one of a few career choices in rural areas.
    4. Teaching is very sociable; you work intensely with children, young adults, colleagues, and the community.
    5. Teaching is never dull; it in fact requires creativity, variety, and lots of communication.
    6. Teaching can be done in other countries and online, opening the door to international travel.
    7. Teaching offers opportunities for professional development and career development.
    8. Basic education qualifications are not super difficult to obtain.
    9. Teaching offers a stable income; usually with benefits, such as a medical fund and pension scheme.
    10. It offers opportunities for entrepreneurs who run their own schools. Teachers are often involved in amateur sport coaching and administration.

    In summary

    The reward of teaching is not so much monetary, but comes from the sense of accomplishment of seeing students develop. The work is hard, but it is rewarding to know you are making a real difference in many people’s lives.

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