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All about Allschool

    Do you want to teach online and set your own prices? Allschool is an online teaching platform that connects students with teachers, where you can create a class and have students join for the price you set. This article will briefly explain what Allschool is, the benefits of using Allschool, their requirements, the application process, and the referral program.


    Allschool is an online platform teachers can use to get new students and even use it they already have online students.

    Allschool provides a global marketplace where teachers can list their classes to find students and get payment from one source.

    As an online teacher, you’ve got to be on as many platforms as possible. It’s the old principle of not putting all your eggs in one basket. If your platform doesn’t provide you with enough online students, look to Allschool to solve the problem.

    But first I have to mention that Allschool accepts students from all over the world, but due to background check requirements, Allschool at present only accepts teachers from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

    Students pick classes they are interested in and can benefit from. So, if you do a class on the Avengers for example – you can base lessons on the characters or story – you can apply the characters to the learning.

    What is Allschool?

    Founded in Singapore, Allschool is an innovative online platform that brings highly interactive, live small-group classes to children worldwide. It hosts thousands of devoted and talented teachers from different countries and brings a variety of premium classes to learners. Subjects ranging from mathematics, languages, and visual arts to game design. Allschool empowers learners to explore and pursue interests and advance their academic performances through inspiring and engaging learning experiences.

    We hope to connect great teachers to Allschool to boost children’s lifelong growth.

    The Allschool Referral Program

    Allschool wants more quality teachers to join the platform. So once you become a teacher at Allschool, you can refer other teachers and make $50 per approved referral.

    Your friend finds a good place to host their classes, students get an amazing teacher, Allschool finds a great partner and you make some money for referring them.

    How to do the Classes

    Classes on Allschool are done on either Classpod or Zoom. Classpod has plenty of great features for teachers, though it comes at a small price.

    Teachers set their own prices on Allschool’s platform to link with students all over the world. Using Classpod, Allschool will take 10%, but if you use Zoom 15%.

    Teachers can do lessons on whatever topics they want. For example, you can do a class centered around music. I could do a class around teaching learners how to create their own YouTube channel.


    The benefits of using the Allschool platform include:

    • Teachers set their own prices.
    • Freedom to create your own classes on topics you’re passionate about.
    • Use an interactive teaching platform.
    • More global market exposure.
    • Flexibility to set class size and time schedules.


    • Allschool only accepts teachers from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.
    • A minimum of 1-year teaching experience.
    • Teach with idiomatic English – using, containing, or denoting expressions that are natural to native speakers.
    • Desire to engage and inspire young learners.

    Application Process

    • Step 1: Online Application (2min)
    • Step 2: Teaching Demo (5-8min)
    • Step 3: ID Verification (2min)
    • Step 4: Background check (5min)

    There’s also a Facebook group that you can join where you get a lot of support from other Allschool teachers. They ask questions and give advice. So, if you want to teach online, set your own times and rates, join Allschool.

    Teachers join here! ➡️

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