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Best USA websites to find teaching jobs

    There are so many websites advertising teaching jobs in the USA that the challenge is to find the best ones and not waste one’s time. The following are the best websites to find teaching opportunities in America, post resumes, and find information on salaries, private schools, special needs education, and much more. Knowing where to look makes finding the perfect job easier. (What are the average teacher salaries in the USA and how do we compare salaries in the 51 American States?)

    We look at the top-non profits, at district and state education board sites and specialist teacher recruitment websites.

    The following are top websites for finding teaching jobs in the USA:

    1. AcademicCareers
    2. Cape – Private Education
    3. Education Crossing
    4. Education America
    5. iHire for Elementary School jobs
    6. K12 jobspot
    7. NASET for Special Ed jobs
    8. School Spring – create a portfolio and apply
    10. Teaching Jobs
    Teaching can be a very rewarding and meaningful career, just find the right position.

    Find official District Education websites

    The first place to start is usually with the Regional School Districts or Board of Education in the area you want to teach. These organizations have authoritative and comprehensive information on job vacancies within their areas and also about future job fairs. Typically, such information is posted on the websites of school boards and districts, along with application requirements and their hiring practices. Jobseekers should start their search on the Board of Education of a particular state for links to the district they are interested in, as in the example of the Texas Education Agency’s website.

    Education Nonprofits to help teachers start their careers

    Example of the Texas Education Board’s website.

    A second reliable source is the many nonprofit educational organizations. They often offer teaching positions to recent college graduates in their programs, providing support and even financial assistance for continuing education and certification. Examples of these organizations are:


    Among the many projects that AmeriCorps, as a federal agency, is in education where their members and volunteers support students in nearly 12,000 public, private, and charter schools across the USA to improve school attendance and engagement, to increase high-school graduation rates and promote college enrollment. 

    Teach For All & Teach For America

    Teach For All and Teach For America are similar organizations, focused on helping students and schools, but also help teachers with temporary placement, especially in high-needs schools. Similar organizations exist in most American States, for example, DC Teaching Fellows, South Carolina’s CERRA, Texas Teaching Fellows, NYC Teaching Fellows, Teach Kentucky and TNTP Teaching Fellows that include Indianapolis, Nevada and Minnesota.

    Find Job Fairs  

    Another good opportunity is to attend a job fair or two if possible. Search State and district board sites for information regarding job fairs. Websites such as Teacher Job Fairs compile lists of such events. A job fair is an excellent networking opportunity to meet potential employers, find open positions, and learn about hiring practices. Needless to say, always attend such a fair with copies of your resume.

    Teachers abroad thinking of going to the USA could, in the climate of the current “open border” policy of easy migration, investigate such opportunities by contacting Participate Learning and ISS – International School Services. The former has placed thousands of teachers in the USA as one of the largest Department of State Exchange Visitor Program sponsors in the teacher category.

    Specialist Education Websites

    The following specialist education websites usually require registration in exchange for access to their job postings.

    AcademicCareers is not only a platform for schools to post teaching jobs, but also many other related jobs such as administrative, faculty positions, library jobs, etc. Teachers can also post their resumes. Registration is free.

    Cape – Private Education

    The Council for American Private Education (CAPE) serves the private school sector of education with in-depth information on this exclusive community and provides a job bank for teachers. Teachers in this sector reportedly experience exceptional job satisfaction, but screening is vigorous.

    Education Crossing job seekers must pay a membership fee to access the freshly verified information and leads on jobs the site provides, saving time.

    Education America has 2.8 million users, 8,272 registered employers (schools) and at the time of writing carried 15,800 teaching vacancies!

    After free registration, job seekers can upload their resumes, cover letters, transcripts, certification and other documentation. They can apply online and get information about vacancies emailed to them.

    iHire for Elementary School jobs

    A comprehensive job search portal exclusive to elementary school teachers is Registration is free and allows for resumes to be uploaded and a premium service will forward it to prospective employers.

    K12 jobspot

    Users must register for an in-depth search and when they wish to post their resumes on this popular platform. K12 Jobspot lists new job listings they can search by state and job title. Registration is free.

    NASET for Special Ed jobs

    NASET – the National Associate of Special Education Teachers’ career center carries vacancies from districts throughout the country and provides information on attaining Board Certification in Special Education and state licensure.  

    School Spring – create a portfolio and apply

    What makes exceptional is that it enables aspiring educators to create their portfolios on this portal and easily customize them to apply for various positions. Registration is free. is linked to 1,441 school systems and lists jobs by state, education level and grade level. It also allows job-seeking teachers and education professionals to post their resumes. Registration is free.

    Teaching Jobs says it’s the only K-12 career site with a section dedicated to the promotion of STEM jobs: science, technology, engineering and math. Registration is free for job seekers, while employers pay a small fee to advertise. The site also has a wealth of other relevant information for teachers.

    International jobs

    The following popular and trusted websites to find jobs internationally, especially ESL jobs, are discussed in the next article.

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