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10 Christmas Activities for Class

    Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

    Hello everyone, I’m Eric from Etacude and today I’m going to share 10 Christmas activities you can do in your classroom.

    Let’s get into 10 Christmas activities you can do in your classroom

    1. Christmas Vocabulary

    There are a lot of words that may be unfamiliar to ESL students. I have a lot of vocabulary and worksheets for lower level English students and fun ones that even more advanced students will enjoy. I collected the best worksheets that are free on the web and put them in a solid file for you to download.

    Crossword puzzles, Wordsearch, spot the difference and more.


    2. Being Santa Claus

    Beginner, students pick gifts for friends. They can do a survey  – where they walk around the room and ask their friends questions. (They walk around, write down their friend’s name and ask them “What do you want for Christmas?” “I want a ____” You should pre-teach toy vocabulary or you can give them a list of toys they can use. To prep them go around the class and ask what gift they would like for Xmas.

    At higher levels they interview each other. Use the Question paper with 10 questions for partners about Christmas. It’s a very good activity that I highly recommend.

    3. 12 Days of Christmas

    Students have to name a number of something they want for Christmas

    First 12. Give the student a ball, they say they want 12 dollars for Christmas then they throw it to the next who has to say I want 11 cookies something for Christmas…

    If they are low level let them write it down first.

    You can also do a memory game where students sit in a circle and they have to remember each number. Once again, remember to split the class into smaller groups so that everyone can have multiple turns.

    4. Make decorations

    Cards, Christmas tree decorations, Toilet roll elves, class decorations, snowmen, When I was a kid I use to love drawing santa claus – Every Decemeber I would draw Santa… in the exact same way every time, Make gift boxes for the  students or they can do it for each other.

    5. Class photo

     Christmas inspired photos against a wall and I want to encourage you to take more photos to share with parents in general. Data is free and we can easily send it over email or on social media. Make the students are part of the experience/ You can even organize cheap gifts for the students or Secret Santa. Presents with all their names on to get excited. I remember the delicious torture of waiting to open our presents with my family in Sotuh Africa.

    6. Christmas Games

    Snowman drawing, Bean bag toss, tree ball, snowman bowling, Jingle bell toss,

    Pictionary – Put strips of paper with Xmas words in a bag, students take one out and have to explain it.

    7. Write a Christmas card

    Young students cotton ball snowman, santa or christmas tree. On the back they can copy a simple letter to Santa and write down what present they’d like

    Older students – Letter to Santa. Talk about their year, what they’ve done and what they would like for Christmas

    8. Christmas Carols

    Students can learn a Christmas Carol and choreograph a simple dance to go with it. I remember doing Christmas Rock with my young students a couple of years ago. It took some of time but was lots of fun.

    YouTube has many great videos, you could try the Channel: Super Simple Songs

    There is a website with simplified versions of Jingle bells and Have yourself a Merry Christmas. I put it in the zipfile under Christmas Carols.

    9. Watch short Christmas Specials

    Make questions for it. Students can act out scenes

    Try “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” or “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

    If you have more time you could watch something like A Christmas Carol about Ebenezer Scrooge

    10. Christmas Story Recall

    How well can your students listen to a story and remember the details they heard? You will know after this challenging Christmas story recall game. Start by telling your students the story of how you got your Christmas tree. Make up your own story or use the following.

    My whole family got into the car and drove to the Christmas tree farm.

    We picked out a tall, green tree.

    We brought the tree home and put it in our living room.

    We decorated the tree with lights, ornaments, and a star.

    We put presents under the tree.

    We heard squeaks coming from the top of the tree.

    We looked and found a chipmunk was living in our Christmas tree!

    After you have told your students the story two times, challenge their listening comprehension and memory. Ask one detail question about each step of the story, and have students write down their answers.

    You might ask: Where did we get the Christmas tree? Where did we put the tree in our home? What noise did we hear coming from the tree? Put students in groups of three to check their answers and correct each other as necessary. Then, give each group a copy of the story cut into strips. Have students work together to sequence the events and check the answers to your questions.

    Are you ready for Christmas this year? I hope these worksheets and ideas will help you and your students to enjoy this festive season.

    If this helped you please leave a like and subscribe. I’m Eric from Etacude wishing you and your family, a very merry Christmas.

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