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10 Easter Activities for the Classroom

    Easter Games and Activities for Class

    Even though Easter is a Christian holiday, there are a lot of fun activities to do in class. Christians and non-christians alike enjoy eating traditional easter foods, egg hunting and the Easter bunny. Today I will share 10 fun Easter activities and games you can try in class.

    1. Reading Passage

    Easter is a day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, 3 days after his crucifixion. It is also linked to the Jewish Passover. A good way to explain the origin of Easter is by reading about it. And fortunately for us the British council provides a good article that shares some information on the Easter holiday.

    2. Easter Worksheets

    Which brings me to nr.2, worksheets and resources. Along with the reading passage, I have collected all the best worksheets I could find and added them in a file for you. I found these at boggleseslworld and islcollective. If you would like these worksheets and all the other resources I’ve compiled, you can get them for free in the description down below.

    3. Easter egg hunt

    There are a couple of variations to this game. The original is where you would hide chocolate eggs outside and the kids would run around trying to find them. This could lead to some students getting more than others and a lot of tears.So, you could write each student’s name on an egg so every can get one.

    Use plastic eggs or paper printouts with Easter Vocabulary on. Students run around and have to find the eggs. After that they have to write story using the 3 words. For example, if someone finds three eggs with pictures of the Easter bunny, a basket and chocolate, they can write a story about receiving candy from the Easter bunny—or anything else, as long as it relates to those three pictures.

    Next variation, and my favorite – Place eggs all around the classroom. Students have to walk around with a pen and paper, then write down the location of each egg.

    For example “The blue egg is next to the teacher’s desk.” This is a good way for them to practice prepositions. They continue until they have written down the location of 10 eggs.

    4. Arts and crafts

    Rabbits, eggs and and chicks. Here some ideas for fun crafts your students can make in class

    5. Egg drop Activity

    This is a really fun STEM activity for groups. Students have to design a device to protect an egg from cracking or breaking from a high fall

    Give students materials to use, tell them to plan the device and explain why it will work. After constructing the device you can test it and see which groups’ egg survives. Students finish by writing a report on their findings.

    Some materials that can be included are toothpicks, straws, rubber bands, newspaper, cotton balls, string , sandwich bags and balloons. All materials easy to find and use.

    6. Easter Egg Decoration

    Another fun crafts activity that gets its own mention. Ask parents to prepare some hollowed out eggs for class. They can drain the eggs by making a small hole at the top and bottom, then blowing out the insides. Make sure to remind parents the day before via text and take along extra eggs just incase someone forgets. Students paint their own creative eggs or they can draw faces on the eggs. That way they review body parts.


    This is a worksheet and not another actual hunt.

    Students have to make words by using the letters from EASTER EGG HUNT. They can reuse the letters with each new word. At level 1 they make any words, then there are 2 more levels where they are given specific words to create. It is really fun and challenging to students.

    8. Egg & Spoon Races

    Some traditional egg races include running a team relay with an egg in a spoon. (It’s up to you if you want to use raw or boiled eggs) another variation is where students have to push the eggs across the floor using their noses!

    9. Listening Comprehension has a great audio activity about Easter ceremonies. First, go through important vocabulary and explain the definitions. Then you can let the class answer some comprehension questions after listening to the audio. They have also included the script for students to read.

    10. Easter Dictogloss

    Read the students a nice story about Easter. It could be your own or one that you’ve found. While reading it to your students, they take notes. Afterwards they sit with a partner and have to recreate the story as closely as possible. If it’s fun they can even act it out afterwards.

    Those are 10 Easter activities for Class. If you want more activities and games for class, check out this playlist next.

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