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English Questions about Dating

    ESL Questions about Dating

     Lesson 32 with 20 English Questions about ‘DATING’ to ask a person or students in an ESL class. Model answers can be viewed in the book. See the link below.


    1. Why do people go on dates?
    2. How would you ask someone on a date?
    3. What is your idea of an ideal date?
    4. Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
    5. Who is your celebrity crush?
    6. What does it mean to ‘go Dutch’?
    7. Have you ever been to a wedding? What happened?
    8. How long should you date someone before getting married?
    9. What positives are there to being married?
    10. Why do you think so many people get divorced these days?


    1. Where do people usually go on dates?
    2. Describe your ideal partner?
    3. What is your idea of a bad date?
    4. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
    5. What is a blind date?
    6. Do you want to get married?
    7. Do you know any wedding traditions from your country?
    8. What negatives are there to being married?
    9. An arranged marriage is when your parents choose your partner. Would you want your parents to arrange a marriage for you?
    10. How can you make yourself more attractive to members of the opposite sex?

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