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English speaking with conversation ideas on PPT

    Many teachers struggle to find suitable speaking exercises or alternatively, conversational English lesson material. In this article I discuss PowerPoint pages that can be downloaded for free from the Twinkl website.

    All teachers need to do is to log in and download the PPT from Twinkl for free (see the link). Open it up. You will then see speaking challenges and challenges to keep the conversation going.

    There are 27 different scenarios that you can use with your students. When you start, ask the students what they see. They can answer: “I see a boy/ I see a UFO.” Next, suggest “Let’s meet an alien!” “What color is the alien? How many tentacles does it have?”

    Then students can then start the conversation. “Hello. Do you speak English?” “Yes, I do.” “Where are you from? “I’m from a faraway galaxy.”

    There are many ways that you can use these PPTs. You can go through it in class with the students. Remember to ask them questions before you start to elicit some ideas. You can also put students in pairs where they practice a scenario or conversation with their partner. Give each pair a different scenario. They then have to talk for at least one minute and create a conversation on their own.

    This is also great for online classes, even if it is one-on-one. The teacher introduces the scenario to your student. Move on to some of the other scenarios in this speaking PPT.

    Angry mom.

    “What does she look like?” She looks angry. “It’s midnight, you said you would be home at 10 pm.”

    Remember to ask the students to put emotion into their words when they roleplay. It will make it more fun and interesting for them too.

    “Sorry, why are you so late?” The student then has to give an excuse.

    Woman 1: “Let’s go shopping.”

    Store assistant: “Can I help you with anything?”

    Woman 2: “Do you have this t-shirt in a medium-size?”

    Store assistant: “Let me have a look?”

    Students can practice asking for directions too when they visit a new place. They can go to see the doctor. You can review body parts and they can practice asking for help.

    These role-playing activities are fantastic for speaking class. For example:

    Policewoman: “We think you robbed the bank.”

    Suspect student: “I didn’t, I promise!”

    Policewoman: “Where were you at 7pm on Saturday night?”

    Suspect: “I was learning English at the academy.”

    Another PPT is about transport.

    Teacher: “Are there cars here?”

    Student: “Yes there are. And trains too.”

    Teacher: “Are there any hospitals?”

    Student: “No there aren’t.”

    The students have to continue the conversations and each conversation will be unique, depending on your students.

    It is interesting to note that Twinkl’s PPTs have a lot of British vocabulary. ‘Mum’ instead of ‘mom’; ‘maths’ instead of ‘math’.

    The students can help to give advice in a lot of these role plays. There are many ways that teachers can use these speak English PowerPoint pages.

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