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English work roleplay

    ESL First day at work role play. Many of us have to teach adult learners, especially learners that are going to a new job, so I found this free PPT (PowerPoint Template) where you can practice the first day at work with your learners.

    This is a free PPT from the Twinkle website where you can go to download it. (The link is in the description below.)

    This PPT can be used as a resource to practice some conversations with adult learners.

    First, you can do ‘Our First Day At Work’ roleplay.

    Roleplay Example

    Today is Jessica’s first day of work. What does she need to know? Ask your students these questions:

    If you start at a new company, or you start in a new job, what do you need to know? What does Jessica need to know?

    • Get your students to give you some answers.
    • Who are your colleagues?
    • Who is your boss?
    • Who can you talk to when you have problems?

    So, you get some of these ideas from your students.

    • What else does Jessica need to know?
    • Where do I sit? Where can I copy documents?
    • Where is the HR (Human Resources) office?
    • What time do we start?  
    • What time is lunch?/ When is lunch?
    • Where do we eat lunch?
    • What time is the meeting?
    • What time do we leave for home?
    • Who will help me with the computer protocols?
    • Elicit these and other questions from your students. Other possible questions are for example:
    • What is my job?
    • Who works in our office?
    • How does this coffee machine work?
    • Do we have a parking space?
    • Is there a place to order snacks?
    • Who can help me with office stationery?
    • Who must I talk to if I have a problem with my computer?

    Remember, it’s very important to know to ask questions in a polite manner.

    • May I ask?
    • Could you please tell me?
    • Sorry to bother you, but would you please help?

    The students can practice some of these questions with this PPT.

    You can say, “Oh, what do you need help with? Or, “May I ask?”

    • “How can I do this?
    • “May I ask a favor?”
    • “I’m sorry to bother you, but where is the bathroom/ the restroom?”
    • “Could you please tell me how to turn work this copying machine?

    Remember to practice some polite responses:

    • “That’s very kind of you.”
    • “Thank you, I really appreciate it.”
    • “Thank you, that’s much clearer now.”
    • “I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand it, I’m still struggling.”
    • “Could you say that again? I’m still learning English.”
    • “Could you rephrase that please?”

    Pair Students Up for Practice

    I would put my students each with a partner and ask them to come up with some polite questions and polite responses. They have to work together, maybe two for questions and answers for each partner, where they ask the question and the partner has to give an answer.

    So, let each pair practice it together and then take feedback from your students.

    There are two conversations your students can practice. They can also replace some words and some ideas in the PPT to make it more personal to themselves.


    So, this is a fun role play that your students can do when they first start a job. Let your students practice it and become more confident when talking about these topics. 

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