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ESL Prepositions PowerPoint for Kids

    ‘Where is the Cat’ is a PowerPoint presentation about prepositions for younger learners. This is a lovely colorful PPT by Twinkle that teachers can download from their website for free. The link is in the description below.

    First, be practical

    So, as the title suggests, in this PowerPoint (PPT) students have to tell you where a cat is. Is it under the table? On the table? Behind the table, or in front of the table?

    Teachers must remember to practice prepositions with their students before starting the PPT as an exercise. I like to take an apple to class and put it on my desk. I then randomly ask students where the apple is so that they can go into the PowerPoint with enough knowledge and confidence before starting.

    How to play

    To play, click on the boxes to reveal pictures underneath it. You can ask your students: “Where is the cat?” Then click on it to reveal the answer. The pictures have lovely children from different ethnic backgrounds so students can see the diversity in the world. You can click on the boxes to reveal the cat. As soon as the students see where the cat is, they can raise their hands and guess that the cat is in the house.

    Another idea is to get the students to pick what box they want to be revealed. So, the teacher can say, “Jimmy, what box do you want to be revealed? Do you want the green one in the middle? Or the yellow one in the second row on the left?” Jimmy then has to answer, “The cat is on the chair.”

    As the teacher, you should also ask students some other words, to identify other objects in the pictures. For example, “What do you see in this picture? What is this?” “It’s a bicycle.” “What color is the door?” You need them to use their vocabulary and talk about this setting. It’s a really good activity for younger students to practice.

    Another idea is to put them in groups so that each member of the group gets an opportunity to answer. For example, “The cat is in the box.” “The boy is looking for the cat.”

    Use these prepositions when asking students extra questions. “Where is the cat?” “It is on the book.” “Where is the book? Where are the students?” “The cat/ the book/ the students are in the library.”

    Get students to use as much vocabulary as possible and practice fresh sentences. For example, “Oh, the cat has such beautiful eyes. Look at this cat, it is smiling. The cat is on the train.”

    I really can recommend this colorful and free PowerPoint to practice prepositions and other questions with younger students. “Do you have a cat or a pet? What’s your cat’s name?” Remember, students love sharing about themselves.


    Here is the prepositions PowerPoint for use in ESL class:
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