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Hidden Pictures English Word Search Activity

    Hidden Pictures is a fun book series where young English learners can search for words in a busy setting. It works great as a class warmup or if there is some time at the end of a lesson.

    One of the most useful resources I’ve found when teaching English to young learners is Hidden Pictures. This is a fantastic source for teachers to start the class with, to get the students to settle down and for them to have fun.

    Hidden Pictures is actually a set of books by Highlights that is available online too.


    If you are teaching online or in class, you can open up the specific picture you want the students to use, copy this or simply send the URL to your students and they have to find the hidden objects in the picture.  

    First, let the students look for all these items and see who can find them all first, second and third. Next, let them practice their pronunciation by repeating the words. They can practice making sentences if that is their level. Ask them questions about the objects. After finding all the objects they can color the picture or just the hidden objects.

    If you are not doing an online class and you don’t have the internet, you can print out these pictures and make copies.

    I know substitute teachers who always carried a few dozen of these printed Hidden Pictures in their bag, saying it saved them many times when they had to substitute a class and ran out of ideas or the students got too unruly.

    I would suggest buying the jumbo book of Hidden Pictures. Find whatever picture you want to use, photocopy it and then hand it out to your students. It’s got a great variety of topics.

    The link is in the description below.

    Hidden Pictures Jumbo Book ►

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