10 Mother’s Day Activities for the Classroom

We all love our mothers, so as teachers we can hare this special day with our learners in the classroom.

 It’s a good way for teachers, students and their families to connect. In this video I will share 10 Mother’s Day Activities that you can do in class.

I put a file with all the resources worksheets and materials) in the description below.

I also added the links to where I found all these great materials if you want to go and check out those sites.

Let’s jump into the 10 Classroom Activities for Mother’s Day

Creative Couponing

Students create a booklet of coupons where they promise to do something nice for their moms. Add things that they know their moms would appreciate. It could be anything like doing chores, helping out with tasks, quiet time for 1 hour, a foot rub or making them tea. This will show moms that they are cared about and also teaches students about being considerate of others.

World’s Best Mom Newspaper

The Martha Steward Website has this great resource for learners to make their own newspaper frontpage for their moms. I have included this in the description as well as many other worksheets that you can complete in class.

World’s Best Mom Newspaper FREE DOWNLOAD

Memories of Mom

This is a writing assignment for all ages. Students are given a writing prompt about their mom. For example:

My favorite holiday memory with mom

A funny moment with mom

Things my mom likes/ A list of my mom’s favorite

The best advice my mom ever gave me

It may be a list, article or essay depending on the age group.

Some other writing ideas include writing her a letter, a poem, recipe

  • Sweet Mom
  • 5 cups of love, ½ pound of patience
  • 3 tablespoons of humor and 2 cups of love

or make a small booklet.

Mother’s Day Cards

No Mother’s Day is complete without a card. I found some great examples of cards. Look at all of these. I put a link to these ideas in the description below.


Make her brunch and read her a book

Ask your dad to help you make her breakfast/brunch while your mom sleeps in. To entertain her during her meal why not read her a book. Here are some easy books about moms to read to yours.


Slide Show or Collage

Take photos of your mom and make a collage or slideshow.

We are moving into the digital age where younger learners are taking photos and getting into Instagram.

If they are old enough they can take photos of their moms doing or can enlist dad or siblings to help. Take a series of nice photos of their moms and put it into a collage or slideshow

Ask dad to take photos of you and mom together – That way you don’t surprise her when she isn’t ready.

Mother’s Day Crafts

Here is a list of great crafts that you can make her. I also added all the worksheets in the file below.

Sing a Song Together

This is meant for younger learners. Here is a website with some songs and lyrics to use. Singing a simple song is always a crowd pleaser.


Flowers for Mother’s Day

In stead of picking real flowers, why not get the students to color or paint their own flowers for their moms. Remember to add a signature and a nice message on the back. In the worksheet file I’ve added 10 different flower pictures that can be colored in by the students.

Plan a Fantasy Vacation for your Mom

How well do you know your mom? Where would she like to go and what would she like to do?

Students research and plan an itinerary of what their moms would do. Acting as travel agents, students can do a live presentation of the trip – Where moms would go, interesting information about the area and activities to do. You could also record the presentation for kids to give as a special Mother’s day present.

And those are 10 classroom activities for Mother’s day. How will you celebrate this Mother’s day, put your answer in the comments down below.

And If you are a teacher, check out this next video for ideas and tips on teaching. I’m Eric from Etacude, and I’ll see you next time.

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