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Old Teacher vs New Teacher

    How have teachers changed from the past to the present?


    In the past, teachers had the belief that you should never smile until Christmas. But modern teachers try harder to connect with their students. That’s not to say that older teachers don’t care, it just means that they have a different way of showing it. They were strict and most don’t play games whereas modern teachers are more approachable and interested in the connecting with their learners.


    Teachers in the past were strict disciplinarians with many using physical punishment to control their classes. Modern teachers rely on more advanced classroom management techniques to control their classes.

    Parent/Teacher Relationships

    When looking at the past it feels like there was a greater sense of respect for educators. These days however many parents will contact and complain to teachers about their child’s progress at school. The blame it seems falls on the teacher to do their job in stead of on the parents’ responsibility to prepare their child for class.

    Teaching Philosophy

    Teachers in the past use to believe that students should sit on their own and memorize content for tests. Modern teachers use more varied techniques to test a variety of skills.


    Teaching has evolved a lot in the past few decades and with computers and online teaching reaching new heights, we are sure to see an Educational Renaissance in the near future.

    2 thoughts on “Old Teacher vs New Teacher”

    1. Nowadays, especially in my situation as a teacher at a middle school that located in a poor and violent neighborhood, I came to the conclusion,after trying being a modern teacher, that being strict and using old ways of teaching works better for me to keep control of my classes.

      1. Hi Driss, I think it’s commendable that you are doing whatever it takes to teach your students. I have been in a similar position before where I had to be more strict to be able to control the class. As with all things teaching it depends on our situation and how we can get the students to learn best. I hope that your strictness pays off and they appreciate what you are trying to do for them. If possible, try to build on positive personal relationships with your students, but I’ve got a feeling you’re doing that already. 😉 Thank you for your comment and I wish the best for your teaching.

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