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Bingo game for online class

    Can one play bingo in online classes? Thanks to a number of online bingo generators, this very popular game can be effectively used with online classes too. It is an easy, fun way for students to practice new vocabulary.

    Usually, you’ve got a list of keywords used in the lesson. Depending on the level of your students, let them draw a grid of three by three, four by four, or five by five or more blocks on a piece of paper. They then have to write all the designated vocabulary words in the grid. The teacher then reads the words randomly and the students check them off. The first student that has a line; up or down, or diagonally or sideways, must shout “bingo!” to win. If the grid is small, tell them they need two lines of words to win.

    We usually ask the students to write the list of words down before we start, otherwise some may try to cheat. If students are low-level and it’s difficult for them to write the words down, there are a few websites that automatically create a bingo game for you. You can add words from your lesson and use it with the students, you can also check who actually got bingo. It’s a great game to play if you want to use up five minutes in your class.

    An example of one of a dozen free online bingo generators.

    Send the link to students

    See the link to the mentioned bingo website. How it works is, put in your own title and whatever the vocabulary you want to use and the topic, for example, sports. You then put in your own words: Ball, kick, pass, head, walk, sit, etc. You can make the grid larger; maybe five by five, or nine by nine. Then you can go to the next step and click on the ‘33 cards’ option. You (as the teacher) then copy the link and give it (using the chatbox) to your students. Also, put the link into your browser.

    Every student then has a random bingo game that they can play on their side.

    You can then run the game. Every time the students hear a word, they have to click on it and the first one to have three words in a line must shout “bingo!” in order to win.

    See the example using Zoom

    For example, let we start the game and the teacher calls the words in sequence: Word one is “zoom”. If you have “zoom” on your grid, click on it. Next is “pass”, “head”, “win” and “kick”. Bingo? Congratulations, you are the winner! Next, the teacher views the cards to check for the winner.  

    This is a good listening game for students, especially when using keywords from earlier lessons. If time allows, challenge the students to use as many of these words in a sentence as another way to get them to use the vocabulary in the classroom.

    In summary, Bingo is a proven game to get students to practice listening, reading and writing while having fun.

    Some of the bingo games that can be played online, including some free bingo card generators…;;

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