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Running Diction for English Class

    Running Diction is a fun spelling game for ESL learners.

    Running diction or board race is a common ESL spelling game where students take turns running to the whiteboard to write words. Young learners can write a word at a time while more advanced students can be challenged to make sentences of the words on cards.


    Put students in teams and hand each team a list or a pile of cards. One by one, they look at the word on the card, put it back face down, run to the whiteboard, write the word they saw on the board and come back. Their friends then glance at the next card, put it face down, run to the board, and write down the next word.

    The teams try to write as many words as they can in the given time.

    Another fun way is to have three people on each team. One has to write the word, the second has to draw a picture of the word and the third has to run and check the spelling of the word on the card. Let them rotate so that everyone gets a chance.

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