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How to play Simon Says Game

    How it works is that the teacher calls out an action which the students have to complete. But, students must only do the action if it’s preceded by “Simon Says”, which adds a fun challenge to the game. By doing this the students learn new vocabulary and instructions by physically acting them out.

    For example – Simon says touch your nose. Touch your ear, you’re out!

    The easiest way to play Simon Says in the classroom is with the teacher standing in front of the class with students behind their desks. Make sure that there is enough space for each student to move while you are giving the orders. If the teacher says “Simon says” and then an action, all the students have to do the action.

    If the teacher doesn’t say “Simon says” first and the student does the action, that student is out! Gradually increase the difficulty by speaking faster and adding more complex commands. Continue until only one student is left to be crowned the winner.

    Another way to play Simon Says is by having the students stand all around the teacher, with the teacher standing in the middle. Once the teacher does an action, all the students have to copy the teacher (if the teacher said Simon Says). The last student to do the action is out, and has to sit down. Continue the game until there is only 1 student left standing. The winner takes the teacher’s place and continues the game by issues instructions.

    By allowing students to take control we are giving them an opportunity to take a leadership role and become more confident when giving orders. It might be difficult at first, but students will learn to accept, and enjoy the responsibility.

    First start out start out with basic actions:

    Touch your nose, bend your knees, walk in place, close your eyes. – These are good for practicing commands, learning body parts and motor skills.

    Then, take it up a notch by using everyday tasks:

    Wash your hands, pet the cat, write in your book. There are countless possibilities – Try to incorporate whatever topic you’re are doing in class that day.

    Pretend to: Things don’t need to be real, students can have great fun by acting out.

    Paint in the sky. Blow bubbles. You are Superman picking up a truck.

    Emotions: You are sad. You are happy. Simon says it’s your birthday!

    Add adjectives, objects and people

    Slowly, quickly… Move your friend’s book

    Add possessives. Pick up your, use my…

    Add this, that, here, there. Simon says look there… Look up.. Gotcha

    Use Colors, numbers, sizes. Show 4 fingers. Show me a blue pen.

    Animals and sounds: Moo like a cow. Simon says Wag your tail like a dog.

    It can be tough thinking up actions on the spot, so I added a FREE word file with 100 Actions for Simon Says in the description below. All you have to do is join the Etacude email list.

    Simon Say Word File FREE –> Join Email List

    Write a letterStand on your chairTurn around in a circleSnap your fingers  Make thumbs up
    Pick up your penStand under your chairJump upSwimSpin around twice
    Look sadGo to the windowHop on your right/left footMake a snowballsalute
    Look at the skyPut on your shoesClap your handsSweep the floorRoar like a lion
    Take out your key, unlock the doorWalk to the doorTouch your kneesSki down the mountainMove in slow motion
    Open the doorTake off your shoesWiggle your fingersDrink hot chocolateUse magic
    Rub your eyesCoughPut your arm in the airPlay guitarTouch your nose
    ThinkCryFlap your arms like a birdBe a penguinScratch your arm
    Look happyTap the table with your footRun in placeBe scissorsPut your hands on your head
    Wake upPoint to the doorPut your hands on your hipsHug yourselfDo jumping jacks
    YawnPick up your penMoo like a cowWiggle your noseDrive a car
    StretchClose the windowWinkClose your eyesSlide to the right
    Wash your faceSmell a flowerWave helloBlow a kissPlay a computer game
    Brush your teethTake your pen and give it to AngelaSleepClimb a ladderAnswer the phone
    Get dressedFetch your book and give it to meStick out your tongueCrouch into a ballYou failed your test! Act worried
    Have breakfastPut the pen between the booksAct Like a robotLook leftHide from your mom
    Put on your back packPut the eraser in the boxTouch your earsReach for the skiWork out at the gym
    Say good bye to your parentsPut the ruler on top of the boxMeow like a catShoot a gunWalk like a zombie
    Walk to schoolPut 2 pencils in the boxFreezeShake like jellyyawn
    laughPut the green book on the tableBowAct like a ballerinaSit down

    English teachers can now play the classic ‘Simon Says’ game online in virtual classrooms using dedicated software, as demonstrated in this Zoom class with the aid of other teachers posing as students. This overcomes the challenge of involving language students in a more physical and fun way by playing traditional classroom favorites.

    The game ‘Simon says’ is known in some countries as the ‘King says,’ ‘Jacques says,’ ‘O’Grady says,’ ‘Jacob says’ or ‘mando, mando’ (‘I say, I say’) in Spanish, but the rules are the same: The object for the player in the role of ‘Simon’ is to try and trick (mislead, dupe) the rest of the players into following his or her commands when they shouldn’t respond. The last player standing wins and sometimes in the traditional version becomes the next Simon.

    In the online version by ‘Bamboozle’ each student gets the opportunity to pick a number; ‘Simon’ (the teacher in this case) will give a command for all the students or a nominated student to immediately enact. However, if the instruction is not preceded by the words ‘Simon says’, then the student who responds is disqualified from the round. Continue until only one student remains as the champion.

    BAAMBOOZLE LINK Simon Says –

    We play Simon Says Online with Zoom. We used the online game website Baamboozle Online Teaching Course for Teachers:

    Simon Says is a great game to play with friends or in a classroom setting. Players practice their listening skills and can learn more vocabulary by acting out the words. It is also possible to play Simon Says Online with websites such as Baamboozle.

    Enjoy playing Simon Says with your friends and classmates!

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