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Teacher Tips | Eye Contact and Body Language in the classroom

This is 100 teacher tips tips that every teacher should follow to ensure success in the classroom. Number 1: Keep eye contact with students. It shows that you are comfortable with being a leader.

What does this mean? When you go into the classroom, as soon as the students enter I want you to make eye contact with your students and keep it until they look away. This might sound strange but you’ll find often in the classroom while you’re teaching you have to engage the students

by looking directly at them. Some students will try and look into your eyes and see if you flinch. As humans we are conditioned that we don’t want other people to feel uncomfortable so what happens if you look into someone’s eyes usually you look away because you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable.

In the classroom you are the leader so what you’re supposed to do is look into your students eyes. Explain something, it’s not about intimidating them but you stare into their eyes until they look away. Does that mean that you’re trying to dominate them or make them feel uncomfortable?

No! Actually, what that student will think is well this teacher feels comfortable in this class and they aren’t afraid to make eye contact with you. See the problem is that a lot of teachers are taught to obey rules. Most teachers while growing up were good students themselves and as students they were well disciplined and they always listened to their teachers. Now when you become a teacher you have to be more dominant and you have to be a stronger force in the classroom. That starts with eye contact.

Eye contact can also be used to subdue some students that are acting out. What do I mean by that? If students are doing something that you don’t actually like, instead of shouting at them you can just keep eye contact with them give them the stare. They will stop. Let me repeat I contact is fantastic. Keep eye contact with your students until they look away. It also helps you build relationships with your students and number three you can develop a stare that you use instead of words to tell students “Hey listen! What you’re doing right now is wrong I want you to stop doing that. ”

Tip number two: Power pose

Stand feet apart shoulders back and power pose will help you feel more confident. I see many new teachers coming into education and they first start teaching and they make themselves smaller and they crouch down without thinking about it now consciously. I want you to make yourself bigger because your body language will have an effect on your mindset. So put your shoulders back, stand up straight, smile and keep eye contact with your students. By having your feet apart it shows them that “I’m not afraid I’m not going to be pushed around” You will feel yourself growing in confidence by using a power pose.

So tip 2 is have a more confident body language and that will affect your teaching.

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