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Live Worksheets Tutorial is a website that every teacher should know about. Right now, I teach hybrid classes. That means that I’ve got students online and I’ve got students in class. I can use Liveworksheets to show my students interactive worksheets and I can create workbooks with them with these worksheets inside.

    Let me show you how in this tutorial.

    If you just want to find some worksheets to use, you go to interactive worksheets. Select the subject you are teaching. I teach English as a second language, so, I can search for, let’s say worksheets providing grammar exercises in the past tense. The website will then provide some options that are great to use either in class, using a projector or, if you’re teaching online, you can copy and send these worksheets to your students. They can email you their answers if you want to check on their homework.

    There are many types of worksheets; drag and drop the best ones for your lessons. You can also create your own interactive worksheets.

    To get started, just log in. Then you just go to Upload. It is very easy to use, just drag a square and then you type in the correct answer. There are many of these that you can go through and see what you need for your lessons. Then save the document. There is also a preview function.

    If you are uncertain of what to do, go to the Question Mark and it will explain everything. You can create a Select Box Choose, so your students can pick between two answers. Otherwise, set up a Multiple Choice option. The students have to select either yes or no. The questions and answers can also be joined with arrows. Students can drag and drop and connect the correct answers.

    With some simple editing, you can create some listening exercises by loading up some audio. They’ve got a file you can explore with Word Search.

    There is also a video explaining how to do that, or how to add Mp3 files, YouTube videos, or PowerPoint links. Everything if you want to create an interactive workbook for your students. For example, you’ve got a class and you want to create a workbook called English 2. You can edit the content and assign it to students by sending it to them.

    You will have to register your students first, though. Otherwise, you can just go to the interactive worksheets and add the file to the workbook that you’ve just created.

    Check out Liveworksheets, it will solve a lot of your teaching problems.


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