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Live Worksheets Tutorial

    As a source for thousands of live, interactive worksheets to use in the classroom, is a tremendously helpful website for teachers. The site has a library of worksheets on 65 subjects in 99 languages. A tutorial guides teachers on how to create interactive, live worksheets and how to use them optimally in the classroom, for homework, and also for teaching online. provides educators with the option of registering workbooks for their students, which enhances control and purpose with homework.

    What are “live” worksheets? enables teachers to transform their traditional printable worksheets (doc, pdf, jpg, etc.) into online exercises with self-correction, which is why it is called live worksheets or “interactive worksheets.”

    On their website, furthermore incorporates new technologies such as sound bites, videos, memes, drag-and-drop features, multiple answer options, and even speaking exercises. Adapting to these live worksheets is easy for students, who are all familiar with using headphones or the recording functions of their phones, tablets or laptops. This makes interactive worksheets ideal for ESL and other language teachers.

    Where to find live worksheets?

    To find live worksheets to use, teachers simply go to the section marked interactive worksheets on the website of and then select the subjects they are teaching. For example, I teach English as a second language, so, I can search for live worksheets providing grammar exercises in the past tense. The website has a tutorial and a video tutorial on how to make and use worksheets.

    How to use live worksheets

    The website provides options that are great for class, using either a projector or the hybrid method of interacting with students via e-mail/ WhatsApp and other media, having shared the relevant worksheet with students for homework. The same applies if you’re teaching online. Simply copy and send worksheets to your students. They in turn must complete and mail it back for you to check on their homework. There are many types of worksheets; drag and drop the best ones for your lessons. It is also easy to create personalized interactive worksheets.

    Step by step instruction

    To get started, just log in on Then go to Upload. There are many worksheets, so first select a suitable one for your lesson. Next, proceed to type in questions and answers in the worksheet you have selected. It is very easy to use, just drag a square and then you type in the correct answer. Then save the document. There is also a preview function.

    If you are uncertain about what to do, go to the Question Mark and it will explain everything. You can create a ‘Select Box Choose,’ so your students can pick between two answers. Otherwise, set up a Multiple Choice option where students have to select either yes or no. The questions and answers can also be joined with arrows. Students can drag and drop and connect the correct answers.

    Using audio with live worksheets

    Live worksheets can include listening exercises by loading up some audio. Explore the audio file on the website by using Word Search.

    There is also a video explaining how to do that, and also on how to add Mp3 files, YouTube videos, or PowerPoint links to create interactive worksheets for students. These live worksheets can then be added to workbooks. Each student can be assigned a workbook that is then electronically sent to them.

    You will have to register your students first, though. Otherwise, just go to the interactive worksheets and add the file to the workbook that you’ve already created.

    Live worksheet examples:

    Here are a few examples of live worksheets:

    Single and Plural Nouns, Grade 4, My Body

    This live worksheet incorporates soundbites and is aimed at Grade 4 (students between 6-10 years old). The topic is ‘My Body.’ Students must practice to distinguish between single and plural nouns.

    Weather – Complete the sentences

    This live worksheet is for ESL students of ages 9 to 15, teaching them about the weather. They must complete the sentences. It requires knowing the days of the week, weather forecast, activities, and hobbies, using the past simple and future tense.

    Reading Comprehension Worksheet

    This example is reading comprehension about ‘The Simpsons’ and focuses on the possessive ‘s’.  

    Live worksheet on Science – plants

    This is an example of many similar live worksheets under the heading of Science. A total of 65 subjects are covered.

    Using live worksheets in workbooks

    The teacher can create an interactive workbook for each student with instructions on which worksheets to do. The students do the worksheets online and send their answers to the teacher. This motivates students to complete homework at a set time. It makes teachers’ work easier and saves time scoring students’ work, and communicating with students on an individual level in the comfort of being online. Having a workbook of each student’s worksheets make control and revision easy. It also saves schools a fortune on resources by not printing worksheets.

    The Free Accounts version of Liveworksheets allows teachers to register ten groups of students and create ten workbooks per group of ten students for a total of 100 students! Each workbook can hold 120 worksheets.

    How to create workbooks

    This website enables the teacher to create a workbook for each student, scoring their work and thus communicating individually in the comfort of being online. The benefits of these workbooks with interactive worksheets for online teaching are obvious.

    The other remarkable aspect of this website is that there are worksheets available on many subjects and in many languages that have been created by other teachers that are being shared.

    Let’s investigate how teachers can use Liveworksheets to create workbooks for students and then find and use interactive worksheets optimally.

    How to download live worksheets

    Teachers can add interactive worksheets to their own websites or blogs. They can embed their own worksheets and even that of other teachers (when they’ve allowed the option). There is a special code to insert into your website, just open the worksheet and click “Embed in my website or blog” to receive the code.

    Many worksheets are downloadable in pdf format when the author (other teachers) has allowed this option, but there is a limit to downloading ten worksheets per day.

    Live worksheets in 65 subjects

    Another remarkable aspect of this website is that live worksheets are available on a large diversity of subjects and in 99 languages that have been created and shared by other teachers.

    Live worksheets are available in the following 65 subjects:

    1. Accounting
    2. Aeronautica
    3. Afrikaans
    4. Art
    5. Biology
    6. British History
    7. Business
    8. Business Studies
    9. Chemistry
    10. Civics
    11. Classics
    12. CLIL
    13. CLIL Geography
    14. CLIL History
    15. CLIL Geography
    16. CLIL History
    17. Computer science
    18. Dentistry
    19. Earth Science
    20. English as a Second Language (ESL)
    21. English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
    22. English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
    23. English language
    24. English Language Arts (ELA)
    25. Environmental education
    26. Environmental Studies (EVS)
    27. Financial Literacy
    28. General Knowledge (GK)
    29. Geography
    30. Geology
    31. Grammar
    32. Health science
    33. History
    34. Human Communications
    35. Information and communication technology (ICT)
    36. Integrated Studies
    37. Islamic Education
    38. Law
    39. Lengua Castellana
    40. Life skills
    41. Literature
    42. Math
    43. Mechanics
    44. Moral Education
    45. Music
    46. Natural Science

    Other subjects:

    1. Phonics
    2. Physical Education (PE)
    3. Physics
    4. Preschool
    5. Principles of Accounts (POA)
    6. Reading
    7. Religious Education
    8. Religious Studies
    9. Resolutions
    10. Science
    11. Social Emotional Learning
    12. Social Science
    13. Social Studies
    14. Special Education
    15. Spelling
    16. Sports
    17. Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TIC)
    18. US History
    19. Writing.

    Languages covered by Liveworksheets

    Worksheets are available in the following 99 languages:

    1. Abkhaz
    2. Afar
    3. Afrikaans
    4. Akan
    5. Albanian
    6. Amharic
    7. Arabic
    8. Aragonese
    9. Armenian
    10. Assamese
    11. Asturianu
    12. Avaric
    13. Aymara
    14. Bambara
    15. Bashkir
    16. Basque
    17. Belarusian
    18. Bosnian
    19. Bulgarian
    20. Burmese
    21. Catalan
    22. Chamorro
    23. Chechen
    24. Chinese
    25. Cree
    26. Croatian
    27. Czech
    28. Danish
    29. Dutch
    30. Eastern Punjabi, Eastern Panjabi
    31. Esperanto
    32. Estonian
    33. French
    34. Galician
    35. Georgian
    36. German
    37. Greek (modern)
    38. Guaraní
    39. Haitian, Haitian Creole
    40. Hebrew (modern)
    41. Herero
    42. Hindi
    43. Hungarian
    44. Icelandic
    45. Ido
    46. Indonesian
    47. Irish
    48. Italian
    49. Japanese
    50. Javanese
    51. Kannada
    52. Kazakh
    53. Khmer
    54. Korean
    55. Lao
    56. Latin
    57. Latvian
    58. Lithuanian
    59. Macedonian
    60. Malay
    61. Malayalam
    62. Maltese
    63. Marathi (Marāṭhī)
    64. Mongolian
    65. Nepali
    66. Norwegian Bokmål
    67. Old Church Slavonic, Church Slavonic,Old Bulgarian
    68. Oriya
    69. Persian (Farsi)
    70. Polish
    71. Portuguese
    72. Quechua
    73. Romanian
    74. Romansh
    75. Russian
    76. Samoan
    77. Sanskrit (Saṁskṛta)
    78. Serbian
    79. Sinhalese, Sinhala
    80. Slovak
    81. Slovene
    82. Spanish
    83. Sundanese
    84. Swedish
    85. Tagalog
    86. Tahitian
    87. Tamil
    88. Telugu
    89. Thai
    90. Turkish
    91. Ukrainian
    92. Urdu
    93. Uzbek
    94. Valencian
    95. Vietnamese
    96. Welsh
    97. Yoruba
    98. Zhuang, Chuang
    99. Zulu


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