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What are synonyms for teaching?

    What are synonyms of teaching? Or do we say for teaching? And how do we define teaching? Teaching is widely seen as an honorable profession, a calling, a passion to shape the future one student at a time. As such, it’s a topic rich with synonyms and definitions, such as “Teaching is the greatest act of optimism” by educator Colleen Wilcox.

    The famous quote by educator Colleen Wilcox.

    What are synonyms?

    The definition for synonym is “One of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same meaning”. Searching the synonym of a word is a great way to improve your communication by learning new vocabulary to express yourself.

    Examples of of synonyms are:

    • big – large
    • start – begin
    • difficult – hard

    What are synonyms for teaching?

    Synonyms for the verb teaching (gerund or present participle) are plentiful:

    To impart knowledge to, or to instruct, to educate, to school (someone) in something, to tutor (privately), to give lessons, to coach, to train, to skill (to impart a skill/ upskill), to enlighten, to illuminate, to become well-versed, to drill, to discipline, edify, indoctrinate, guide, show, demonstrate.

    Shared synonyms between teaching and coaching: cultivation, culture, discipline, guidance, instruction, learning, reading, schooling, training, tutoring. Shared synonyms between teaching and instruction: apprenticeship, drilling, enlightenment, tutelage, book learning. Source:

    What is the definition of teaching?

    There is fierce competition between dictionaries on the Internet to provide the best answers to questions such as: What is the definition of teaching?

    Teaching as a noun, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is simply “the act, practice, or profession of a teacher.  something taught especially,” for example: “Doctrine – the teachings of Confucius.” Source;

    A comprehensive definition I found actually came from Harvard Business School, it says:

    Teaching can be defined as engagement with learners to enable their understanding and application of knowledge, concepts and processes. It includes design, content selection, delivery, assessment and reflection. To teach is to engage students in learning; thus teaching consists of getting students involved in the active construction of knowledge… 

    “The aim of teaching is not only to transmit information but also to transform students from passive recipients of other people’s knowledge into active constructors of their own and others’ knowledge. The teacher cannot transform without the student’s active participation, of course. Teaching is fundamentally about creating the pedagogical, social, and ethical conditions under which students agree to take charge of their own learning, individually and collectively.”
    Education for judgment: The artistry of discussion leadership. Edited by C. Roland Christensen, David A. Garvin, and Ann Sweet. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business School, 1991. ] Source:

    What is the definition of teach?

    The definition of teach is to “show or explain to someone how to do something”.

    What are synonyms of teach?

    There are many other verbs that can be used as synonyms of teach. These include: instruct, train, tutor, educate, school, coach, discipline, edify, enlighten, indoctrinate, inform, prepare and drill.

    What is the difference between teaching and training?

    Teaching is a profession. Teachers are trained to teach the curriculum as well as stimulate learning through a specific environment. Training’s focus is on acquiring a skill or learning a specific job.

     can be defined as the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something (Merriam-Webster dictionary). Learning is about what students do, not about what we as teachers do. Source:

    What is pedagogigal?

    The term “pedagogy” refers to the methods and activities of the practice of teaching, so the adjective “pedagogical” means “innovative pedagogical methods”. Source:

    What is the definition of a teacher?

    A teacher or school teacher is an educator, “a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.” We find other professions that also involve teaching and training outside of education in other professions.

    What is a tutor?

    A tutor is usually a private teacher who teaches a single student full-time or a very small group.

    What is an instructor?

    An instructor is a person that teaches skills in a particular subject area or a course.   Source:

    What’s the definition “of” or “for” teacher?

    What do you do if you, as an ESL teacher, are suddenly confronted with a difficult question by a student?  Always be honest and say, “That one I can’t remember/ I’m not sure about now, but let’s check with Professor G…” and then simply help the student to Google it, or otherwise provide the answer next time.

    So, what is the correct preposition? The answer is both:

    1.       The definition of teaching…

    2.      A definition for teaching…

    “With definite determiners (in this case “the”) the preposition “of” will be preferred, while with an indefinite determiner (in this case “a”) the preposition “for” can be used.” So “of” is much more used that “for”. Source:


    To conclude on what teaching is, here is a smart quote: “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions!” (anon)

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