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Why is Teachers’ Day important?

    Why is Teachers’ Day important?

    Teaching as a profession is difficult, and largely underappreciated in the world.

    People often think it’s an easy job, “Babysitting with afternoons and vacations off.”

    When in fact, society could not function and grow if it were not for the millions of teachers out there doing their best to raise the future of the planet.

    Teachers are responsible for cultivating every other profession out there, an often thankless job.

    So Teachers’ Day is an opportunity for learners, communities, and administration to celebrate the work that teachers do, to show them they are important and appreciated.

    Teacher’s Day 2022

    International Teacher’s Day 2022 is Wednesday, October 5th.

    When is Teachers’ Day?

    Most countries celebrate World Teacher’s Day on October 5th. It was first celebrated in 1994 by UNESCO to complement the 1966 Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers.

    Many countries, however, have their own Teachers’ Days. Here are a few:

    Teacher’s Appreciation Week is the first week of May in the USA.

    The two nations with the most students, India and China, respectively celebrate Teachers’ Day on September 5th and 10th.

    Both Mexico and South Korea celebrate Teacher’s Day on May 15th. Thailand is on January 16th, Peru’s is on July 6th, Vietnam on November 20th, Turkey on November 24th, Indonesia on November 25th.

    Teachers’ Day Gift Ideas

    The informal opinion poll on the Facebook page of Etacude English Teachers. A total of 452 teachers voted.

    Whatever day your country celebrates it, make sure to prepare a gift or find some other way to show appreciation to your teachers. I ran a poll to ask teachers what gifts they would like for Teachers’ Day.

    And don’t worry if you don’t have much money to spend – Just a handwritten letter or a sincere thank you would do.

    Here are some gift ideas for Teachers’ Day:

    36% of teachers wanted books. This could be perhaps personal books for the teachers, or perhaps extra books for the class library. A good way to do this would be to ask the teacher to create an Amazon shopping list (if available in your country, otherwise a local alternative) so parents can buy the books they need.

    25% of teachers preferred a handwritten card. Students can write a nice, personal message in there. Tell the teacher what you appreciate about them. Or how they make you learn or feel.

     As a teacher, I get really warm and emotional when a student gives me a card.

    30% of teachers wanted something personal for themselves. And who wouldn’t want to self-indulge sometimes? After taking care of other people, we need something for ourselves too.

    I remember one special Teacher’s Day, when the parents surprised me with a book and one large piece of biltong (delicious dried meat in South Africa). I went home and ate that whole thing on my over the course of a week.

    So get your teacher chocolate, fruit, coffee, or a gift basket.

    10% And the last gift idea for Teachers’ Day—good old school stationery. There is no classroom in the world that would say no to more stationery. It’s useful, supports both the teacher and students. To make it even more special, stationery could be personalized to show that it belongs to that specific teacher.


    To all the teachers watching this, I want to say thank you…

    Your selfless work, the time you spend teaching your students knowledge, skills, and how to be good people, makes the world a better place.

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