Wordwall – Best Teacher Tool to Create Lessons, Activities and Games for Class

Why is Wordwell.net so highly rated as a teaching tool? Wordwell.net is a website where teachers can easily create games and printables for their students. It’s entirely free but for teachers who want additional options, there is a paid version.

What is Wordwall about?

Let’s look at how easy it is to create lessons, activities and games for face-to-face, hybrid and online classes using Wordwall.net. It allows teachers to quickly create better lesson materials and to custom-make activities such as classroom quizzes, word games and so much more. There’s even a community tab where materials that have been created by other teachers are shared.

So, depending on the platform (Zoom/ other) the teacher is using, the students can either be shown how the game works, or the teacher copy and paste the URL and send it to online students.

There are a variety of themes and options that can be used, plus a leaderboard to keep score and keep the students engaged to see who can complete it the quickest and who got the highest score. The game templates are interactive and can be switched/ changed.

How to work with the templates

First pick a template, then enter your content. It can be printed out or played on screen. To create an activity, you go to ‘Create Activity’; from the options select a template; enter the content and play. Among the activities are match-up Quizzes, using the Random Wheel is to pick students randomly to find the matching pairs. This is useful if you want to play vocabulary games or grammar, just find a template. For something like a word search, just give the template a title, for example, ‘Vocab about Eric’. Then add clues and send the URL to the students to do a word search.  

Students can also do something like drawing in a frame; just click on it to open it up and print it out.

To Recap:

 The basic account is free. There are 18 templates to pick from with 14 printables. Multiplayer Wordwall.net is by far one of the best resources for teachers out there. Teachers can play games online and practice a lot of things such as vocabulary expressions with their students. For the classroom, there is the option of printables that can be played in class. There is an interactive whiteboard that can be used on a projector, enabling the students to answer.

Look at the video and if you also find it useful, please share it with other teachers.

📘 Wordwall ► https://wordwall.net/community

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