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Zoom Apps for more effective meetings

    What are Zoom Apps? Zoom Apps are third-party interactive Apps that can be downloaded into Zoom for more effective meetings and to use games to stimulate student participation in online classes.

    The host (teacher Eric) with students Dad and Bully Bulldog in the gallery and the list of Apps open on the right of the screen.

    How to get Apps and use it in Zoom Meeting

    With Zoom Apps users can now download their favorite third-party apps onto Zoom and use them in Zoom Meetings. After downloading a variety of available apps onto Zoom, an App icon will appear on the bottom right of the Zoom taskbar. Click on the App icon to discover a variety of new interactive apps to help host great and enjoyable meetings.

    The new ‘Apps’ icon can be seen on the bottom taskbar in Zoom Meeting between ‘security’ and ‘… more’ with ‘mute’ and ‘video’ on the left. In this case student Ninja Turtle has only downloaded three: ‘Ask Away’, ‘Dive’ and ‘Werewolf with Friends’. Users can click on the border of their video and drag or slide it left to make their video smaller and enlarge the Apps Menu screen when playing games.

    These interactive in-meeting apps is of great help to have more effective meetings by boosting the efficiency, team collaboration, whiteboarding, admin settings, note-taking, task management, and file-sharing with participants or students. There are of course also games! As a teacher so I like to use apps that get my students talking, so I’ve downloaded some of these games to use with online classes.

    The new ‘Apps’ icon can be seen on the bottom taskbar in Zoom Meeting between ‘security’ and ‘… more’ with ‘mute’ and ‘video’ on the left. Click and open the App Menu on the right side of the screen. Click on the frame of the video picture to drag or slide it to the left to reduce your view and enlarge the Apps Menu screen.

    Using game apps with students

    Game apps are great to use as ice-breakers at the start of meetings. or to use during online classes. As a teacher so I like to use apps that get my students talking, so I’ve downloaded some of these games to play with my students.

    Click on the Apps button to open the menu of downloaded apps. Click and slide the video view to the right to open the Appl view to make it easier to use, while the other participants in the Zoom Meeting are still visible in Gallery View.

    In the video I opened Scattergories for an example. Ask the participants/ students to install the particular game/ third party app you want to use. Or send the link to all the participants to install to play the game.  

    Since this is a brand-new feature, most users/ students will first need to practice a bit to get into the swing of using it, but together with the new Immersive Views, Zoom definitely brings a new dimension to online meetings and classes.

    Opening the menu or ‘Lobby’ of ‘Werewolf with Friends’ in Zoom Meeting where a minimum of five players must select their characters. In this case blue, the ‘Retired Soldier’ is selected.
     The ‘Game Rules’ on the Dive App in Zoom.  
    An example of ‘Edit Theme’ and questions on the ‘If you Could’ template of the Dive App in Zoom.  

    What Apps are available in Zoom?

    The new Zoom Apps feature now allows users to import and use all their favorite apps in Zoom Meeting. At present 57 apps are available.

    Interested users can click on the link to examine the following interactive apps that can be used in Zoom meetings and also externally. The current list of 57 apps available on Zoom (August 2021) are: (party, trivia, games) by; Ask Away by Playco;  Miro by Miro; Heads Up! by Playco; Dropbox Spaces by Dropbox; Virtual Backgrounds by Zoom; Heyyo Chat by Glimpse; Avoma Assistant by Avoma; Team Games by BoomTV; Gaggle Party by Gaggle Studios; Kahoot! by Kahoot!; Pexels – Virtual Backgrounds by Pexels; Draw with Scribble Together Whiteboard by Scribble LLC; Funtivity by Hermis; Werewolf with Friends by Quicksave Interactive Ltd; Just Say The Word! by Doppio Games; Colibri by; Timer by Zoom; Asana App for Zoom by Asana; #Warmly People Insights by #Warmly; Dive by Let’s Dive; Dot Collector by Principles; LGN Poker by FlowPlay, Inc.; Mentimeter by Mentimeter; Polly by Polly; Mural by Mural; Sesh by Sesh; Rev by; Meeting Metrics by Strive; Grain for Zoomby Grain Intelligence, Inc.; AI Notetaker by Fathom Video Inc.; Notejoy by Notejoy; Allo by BeeCanvas, Inc.;  SurveyMonkey by SurveyMonkey; Catchup by Nexus Events; Fellow by; Lucidspark by Lucid; Coda App by Coda Project, Inc.; Chorus App for Zoom by Chorus; Hive Notes by Hive; Workona – Project collaboration by Workona; 1 on 1 and Group Meeting Agendas by WorkPatterns; Live2Coursera by Coursera Inc; BuildBetter Research by Build Better, Inc.; Donations by Pledge; Range by Range; Voyce by Voyce; Docket by Docket; Wellness Coach by WellnessCoach.Live; PandaDoc by PandaDoc; Thrive Reset by Thrive Global Holdings Inc.; Luma Teams by Luma; Gong App for Zoom by; Demoflow by Demoflow;  Wellness That Works by WW (formerly Weight Watchers); Eleos Health by E.


    Zoom is doing a great job in bringing new features to the platform, the newest being apps to improve Zoom Meetings.

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