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English Questions about Social Issues

    ESL Questions about Social Issues

    Here is Lesson 50 with 20 English Questions about ‘SOCIAL ISSUES’ to ask a person or students in an ESL class. Model answers can be viewed in the book. See the link below.


    1. Does your country have a problem with pollution?
    2. What problems does your city have?
    3. How can we take care of the elderly?
    4. What is the traditional role of men and women?
    5. Is there a population problem in your country? Too many or too few people?
    6. What is racism?
    7. How is poverty and crime connected?
    8. How has your country improved access for handicapped people?
    9. Should racial minorities be given an advantage when applying for a job?
    10. Do you believe all social issues can be solved?


    1. Do you think cigarettes should be banned?
    2. Have you ever done any volunteering? If you haven’t, what would you want to do?
    3. How can the government help homeless people?
    4. Is the modern workplace fair towards women?
    5. Is crime a problem in your country? What kind crimes are committed?
    6. How do you feel about abortion?
    7. Is alcoholism or drugs a problem in your country?
    8. Why is it a bad thing if people come into your country illegally?
    9. Less than 0.1% of people use sign language. Should every speech or public broadcast have someone using sign language?
    10. Are there enough jobs in your country? How can the government make more?

    PHOTO: Sarwer e Kainat/ Pexels.

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