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English Questions about the Environment

    ESL Questions about the Environment

    Here is Lesson 42 with 20 English Questions about the ‘environment’ to ask a person or students in an ESL class. Model answers can be viewed in the book. See the link below.


    1. Do you worry about the environment?
    2. What is global warming?
    3. How can we solve littering?
    4. What can families do to help the environment?
    5. What environmental problems are caused by transportation?
    6. What pollution bothers you the most?
    7. What will happen to the environment if pollution continues?
    8. What’s happening to the forests in the world?
    9. Which countries are most responsible for pollution?
    10. Renewable energy can help reduce pollution. Give examples of green energy.


    1. What environmental problems do we have right now?
    2. Why is climate change bad?
    3. How do we recycle?
    4. How can stop companies from polluting too much?
    5. What problems are caused by technology?
    6. The earth is 70% water. Are you worried about water pollution?
    7. What causes air pollution?
    8. How will the earth look in 100 years?
    9. How can countries work together to save the earth?
    10. What are some downsides to using renewable energy sources?

    PHOTO: Ron Lach/ Pexels.

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