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English Questions about Wishes

    ESL Questions about Wishes

    Here is Lesson 38 with 20 English Questions about ‘wishes’ to ask a person or students in an ESL class. Model answers can be viewed in the book. See the link below.


    1. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
    2. Do you wish you were taller?
    3. Can you remember what three wishes Aladdin wished for in the Disney movie?
    4. Have any of your wishes ever come true?
    5. What do you wish you could do after class?
    6. What do your parents wish for you?
    7. What is the difference between goals and wishes?
    8. What do you wish would happen in your country?
    9. What do you wish to be remembered for?
    10. Would you be happy if all your wishes came true?


    1. What do you wish would happen today?
    2. What would your best friend wish for?
    3. When you were young, what did you wish to become?
    4. When do people make wishes in your culture?
    5. What do you wish you could change about the world?
    6. What do you wish you could eat right now?
    7. Do you wish you could travel back in time?
    8. How have your wishes changed compared to when you were young?
    9. Do you wish you studied at another school or worked at a different company?
    10. What do you wish to achieve this year?

    PHOTO: Aladdin’s Lamp the movie.

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