UK vs US English Accent and Vocabulary

The Brits and Americans have different accents and vocabulary. After many years of colonization, the English language evolved and new words and vocabulary appeared in the United States, and today British English differs substantially. Here are some of the more common words that are different depending on if you’re from America, or Britain.

US vs UK English words

Pavement vs Sidewalk

Bin vs Trash can

Petrol vs Gas

Pushchair (pram) vs Stroller

Pharmacy vs Drugstore

Lift vs Elevator

Jumper vs Sweater

Autumn vs Fall

Aubergine vs Eggplant

Aluminium vs Aluminum

ProGRESS vs PROgress

Crisps vs Chips


The English language is constantly evolving depending on where you live. As long as English learners understand the difference between the different accents they will be more capable of communicating with people that use each.

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