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Teacher Salaries around the World

    What are teachers earning around the world after the pandemic? How does the average income of teachers in one country compare with teacher salaries in other parts of the globe? Which teachers get the best salaries in the world?

    “The salaries and workload are putting people off from choosing teaching as a career,” reported the Sydney Morning Herald in February 2022, despite Australian teachers being some of the better-paid educators in the world. In order to recruit better quality teachers and to stop the loss of both experienced and new educators, the Australian government has increased teacher salaries. Some other countries are following this example.

    Teacher salaries in the main English countries

    What are teacher salaries in different countries? How much does the privilege of teaching in rich countries differ from the salaries in other parts of the world? Following is first a summary of teacher salaries in each of the Anglosphere nations. (The percentage of English 1st language speakers and 2nd language proficient people per nation are also indicated to enlighten educators.)

    USA – American salaries differ up to $40,000

    The average salary of teachers in the United States of America can differ as much as almost $40,000 per annum between the big and smaller states! This is the difference between teaching in New York with $85,889 and Mississippi with $45,574 per year. The national average is $58,593 per year. Here is a comprehensive list of teacher salaries by state in the United States of America for 2022. (The following are the best websites for finding jobs in the USA.)

    • The USA is the world’s biggest English-speaking country, with 95% or 259 million 1st language, and 58 million 2nd language users.

    United Kingdom

    In the United Kingdom, teacher salaries differ between the regions, with those in London getting the best pay. Remuneration for inner London is higher than for those educators on the fringes of London to offset more expensive housing. The lowest starting salary starts at £25,714 (US$31,157), with £32,157 ($38,964) for London. The lowest starting salary in Scotland starts at £27,498 ($33,319) and in Northern Ireland at £24,137 ($29,246).

    Headteachers earn £47,735($57,840) to £117,197 ($142,008) in England and Wales; £48,901 ($59,253) to £125,098 ($151,581) in London, £51,207 ($62,047) to £98,808 ($119,726) in Scotland and £43,664 ($52,907) to £108,282 ($131,205) in Northern Ireland. Unqualified teacher’s pay ranges from £18,169 ($22,015) to £29,924 ($36,259).

    • English is the 1st language of 98% or 59 million people in the UK and is used by 3.8 million as a 2nd language.


    Australia is the best-paying country for teachers in the Southern hemisphere, especially after an increase in 2022, taking the top salary from 130,000 to 161,000 Australian dollars (US$112,000) a year. The average salary for teachers is AU$89,800 (US$62,300) per year in Sydney, New South Wales. Starting salaries range between AU$71,600 (US$49,300) to AU$79,000 (US$54,800) per year.

    • English is the 1st language of 93% or 17 million Australians and 4.7 million as a 2nd language.


    Only teachers in Luxembourg, Denmark and Germany have higher earnings than teachers in Ireland within the EU, ranging from €47,848 (US$50,034) for teachers aged 25-34 to €73,948 ($77,326) for those aged 55-64. The starting salary of teachers in Ireland at both primary and secondary levels at €36,953 ($38,641).

    • English is a co-official language in Ireland, with 98% or 4.1 million 1st language users.

    New Zealand

    New primary school teachers in the home of the Maori people earn between 48,000 to 52,000 New Zealand dollars (29,660 – 32,138 USD) a year. Those with six years’ experience earn between $71,000 and $80,000 (43,380 – 49,440 USD). Secondary school teachers typically earn around 79,200 NZD (48,949 USD) per year, though others claim the average to be $72,000 (44,500 USD). The salaries of school principals vary from 95,175 to 166,272 NZD (58,822 – 102,763 USD) per year.

    • English is a co-official language in New Zealand, with 98% or 3.6 million 1st language users.


    Teacher salaries in Canada vary substantially between the ten provinces, with the highest salaries going to the teachers in the remote north. The national average is 69,000 Canadian dollars (US$55,345). In Toronto, Ontario the average salary for a teacher is 58,935 CAD (US$45,564) per year, plus an additional cash compensation of 7,265 CAD (US$5616). The average salary for a teacher is 72,322 CAD (US$55,914) in Edmonton, AB, ranging from 52,000 to 102,000CAD (US$40,202 – $78,859).

    • Of Canada’s 38 million people, 74.8% (26 million) are English 1st language speakers and about 10 million 2nd language users. There are 7.7 million French 1st language speakers and 400,00 bi-lingual Canadians, but 1.8% (600k) speak neither English nor French.

    Teacher Salaries in Europe

    Teacher salaries vary substantially from west to eastern Europe. The best-paid teachers in Europe are those in tiny Luxembourg, with its half-million inhabitants, where primary teachers earn over €67,000 (68,400 USD) and post-primary teachers over €76,000 (77,600 USD) per annum. Bulgaria is at the lowest end with an average of €7,000 (7,147 USD). (Note that at the time of writing the Euro is moving towards dollar parity, with one Euro equaling 1.05 US dollars.)

    With the notable exceptions of Switzerland and Norway, the current 27 European Union countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. Turkey, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedoniaare currently candidates for EU membership.

    (The Euro is used as a currency in the following 19 EU member countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.)

    • English is growing in popularity as a 2nd language. People in especially the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the Scandinavian countries have high levels of English proficiency. Teacher salaries in major European countries.


    The starting salary of primary school teachers in the Netherlands is around 2,900 Euro (US $3050), going up with experience to €5,300 (US $5,570). The equivalent for secondary school teachers is €3,100 to €6,300 ($3,250 – $6,620). English (ESL) teachers on average earn $2,200 – $3,600 per month.

    • The Dutch are rated the most proficient English 2nd language nation, with 90% or 15.2 million of the 17 million people in the Netherlands having a high degree of fluency – the highest in Europe and the world.


    The 16 German federal states (Bundesländer) hire teachers and salaries vary substantially based on experience, skills and location. The typical teacher earns around 2,830 euro (4,660 USD) per month. Salaries for primary school teachers in Bavaria (for example) range from 3,945 to 4,640 euro (4,000 to 4,700 USD). The net salary (take-home pay) of a typical 35-year-old teacher with civil servant status could on average €400 more than one without the status. English teachers in Germany make anywhere between $1,000 to $2,200 per month working at private language schools. Private tutoring pays $17 to $35 per hour and teaching English online $10 to $20 per hour.

    • English is the 2nd language of 56% or 45.5 million of Germany’s 83 million people.


    Primary school teachers in France earn on average 36,500 Euro (37,860 USD) per year. Salaries range from €16,800 to €58,000 (17,420 – 60,160 USD). Secondary school teachers on average earn €43,569 (45,190) per year, ranging from €31,451 to €53,556 ($32,960 – $55,550). English teachers earn between 1,498 and 3,968 USD depending on the type of school, qualifications and experience.

    • English is the 2nd language of 39% or 23 million of France’s 67 million people.


    Primary school teachers in Belgium typically earn around 4,620 euro (4,700 USD) per month, with salaries ranging from 2,120 to 7,340 euro ($2,160 – $7,470). High school teachers typically earn salaries of between €2,330 and €8,050 ($2,370 – $8,190) for an average of €5,060 ($5,150) per month or between €35,441 to €60,300 ($36,066 – $61,365) per year. 

    • English is the 2nd language for 60% or 6.2 million of Belgium’s population of 11.6 million people of which 60% are Flemish.


    Primary school teachers in Austria earn between 33,980 and 57,781 euro (US $34,580 – $58,801) per year, with an average of €47,006 ($47,836) per year. New secondary school teachers earn around €3,020 ($3,073) per month, but the average pay is €4,550 ($4,630) per month.  

    • English is the 2nd language for 89% or 8.9 million people in Austria, of which 25% are not native Austrian. Austria is rated 2nd only to the Netherlands of 112 countries on the 2021 English Proficiency Index.


    The starting salary for Italian primary school teachers is around 22,394 euro (22,760 USD), ranging up to € 37,799 ($38,390), less than their equivalents in Western Europe, who on average earn between €25,249 and €46,745 (25,930 – 47,500 USD). High school teachers earn with a few years of experience earn an average of €25,000 ($25,400) and those with 15 – 20 years around €29,660 ($30,080). The pay of English teachers in Italy varies from $1,000 – $1,500 depending on the employer and the location.

    • ·  English is the 2nd language for 34% or 17 million of Italy’s population of 59.4 million.


    Primary school teachers in Spain earn starting salaries of $36,405, which is above the EU average of $28,934. The salaries of secondary school teachers range from 1,240 to 3,450 euro ($1,260 – $3,505), typically earning around 2,290 euro (2,330 USD) per month. Educators in Barcelona earn on average between €3,310 to €5,850 (3,363 – 5,944USD) pm. English (ESL) teachers typically make between €1,500 to €2,000 ($1,525 – $2,035) per month or €15 to €20 per hour.

    • ·  English is the 2nd language for 22% or 10.4 million people of Spain’s 47.5 m population.


    Primary school teachers in Switzerland earn an average of 97,000 Swiss francs (99,302 USD) per year. Salaries range from 44,600 to 154,000 francs ($45,660 – $157,660). In Zurich an upper secondary school teacher typically could earn a starting salary of 8,506 francs ($8,708) per month or 110,590 francs ($113,215).  English language teachers in Switzerland typically earn around an average of 101,000 francs ($103,400) per year, salaries range from 46,400 to 160,000 francs ($47,500 – $157,650) per year. 

    • English is the 2nd language for 61% or 4.6 million of Switzerland’s 8.6 million people.


    Qualified teachers in Poland earn 4,046 Polish zloty (888 USD) per month, about an average of 84,776 zloty ($18,068) per year, compared to trainee teachers who get a minimum of 2,949 zloty ($647) per month. Primary school teachers earn between 61,337 and 104,299 zloty ($13,466 – $22,900). High school teachers earn between 63,295 and 107,780 zloty ($13,360 -$22,750) or an average of 87,605 zloty ($18,490) per year.

    • ·  English is the 2nd language for 37% or 14.3 million of Poland’s population of 38 million.


    Primary school teachers in Greece typically earn around 1,700 euro (1,732 USD) per month, with salary scale ranging from €780 to €2,710 ($795 – $2,760) per month. The salaries of secondary school teachers range from €890 to €2,850 ($907 – $2,903), for an average of €1,820 ($1,854) per month.

    • English is the 2nd language for 51% or 5.5 million of Greece’s population of 10.3 million.


    Teachers in Romania receive the third lowest salaries in Europe, behind Serbia and Bulgaria, with an average annual salary for teachers of €7,274 per year or around 9,530 Romanian Leu (1,940 USD) per month. Salaries range from 4,570 to 17,400 Leu ($928 to $3,542), with an average wage of 2,500 leu ($510) per month in Bucharest, Romania. The average pay for primary school teachers is 59,302 leu ($12,081) per year. The average pay for a secondary school teacher with little experience is around 44,490 leu ($9,063). Senior secondary school teachers earn between 75,759 and 60,520 leu ($15,360 – $12,325) per year. English (ESL) teachers in Romania earn $600 to $1,000, with those in Bucharest doing a bit better.  

    • English is the 2nd language for 31% or 5.9 million of Romania’s 19.2 million people.


    Primary school teachers in the Czech Republic, now officially recognized by the UN as Czechia, typically earn around 42,800 Czech Koruna (8,719 USD) per annum. The national average teacher’s wage is 44,000 to 59,900 CZK ($8,963 – $12,203) per year, with salaries ranging from 20,200 to 69,900 koruna ($4,115 – $14,240) pa. Secondary school teachers do a little better, earning an average of 48,800 koruna ($9,941) per year, ranging from 23,900 to 76,100 koruna ($4,869 to $15,503). English (ESL) teachers earn between $1,000 to $1,500 on average in Prague.  

    • English is the 2nd language for 27 % or 2.9 million of the Czech population of 10,7 million.


    Graduated teachers earn notably poorer salaries than other Hungarians with university qualifications. The national average for teachers in Hungary is 530,000 HUF (1,297 USD) per month, ranging from 254,000 to 967,000 HUF ($621 – $2,367). Teachers were promised increases of 10% plus in 2022 and 2023. English teachers in Budapest earn $700 to $900.

    • English is the 2nd language for 20% or 2 million of Hungary’s population of  9,7 million.


    Turkey is unique in that it is positioned between Europe and Asia and the Middle East. Primary school teachers in Turkey earn between 54,939 and 93,419 Turkish lira (3,145 – 5,348 USD), with an average pay of 75,157 TRY (4,402 USD) a year. Secondary school teachers typically earn around 6,190 lira ($355) per month, with salaries ranging from 3,350 to 9,350 lira ($192 – $535) pm. English teachers working at language schools make anywhere between $550 – $1,600 per month ($15-20 per hour).

    • English is the 2nd language for 17% or 12 million of Turkey’s population of 84.7 million.

    Teacher Salaries in Mexico and Central America

    Mexico is always included with the seven Spanish-speaking countries of Central America, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.


    Mexico, with a population of 127.5 million is the biggest of the mostly Spanish-speaking countries in North and Central America. Mexico has 1.01 million teachers (156k pre-primary, 546k primary schools, 308k high school) who have to educate 36.5 million school students, with an average class size of 26 learners.

    The average / median teacher salary in Mexico is 26,600 / 27,100 Mexican Pesos (1,312 – 1,337 USD) per month, ranging from 13,000 to 41,500 pesos ($642 – $2,048) with 25% earning less  than 18,100 pesos ($893) and 25% earning more than 35,000 pesos (1,727) per month. Another source put the median pay for English teachers at 29,435 ($1,452) per month.  

    • The English proficiency of Mexico is very low, it ranks 19th out of 20 Latin American countries. Only 10% of the population have some English 2nd language knowledge.


    Guatemala is a country with a low literacy rate of about 75% for people older than 15, putting a lot of pressure on its teaching corps. Guatemala has 1.6 million students in public schools. Elementary school teachers in Guatemala earn an average 7,000 Guatemalan Quetzal or 908 USD, ranging from 3,360 GTQ ($434) to 11,000 GTQ ($1,419) per month. The 50% median salary is 7,280 quetzal ($940) per month, with 25% of teachers earning less than 4,790 quetzal ($618) and the top 25% getting 9,500 quetzal ($1,226) per month.

    • The English proficiency of Guatemala, with a population of 18.8 million is low – it ranks 13th of the 20 Latin American countries and 61st of 112 countries measured in 2021.


    In Honduras, less than 64% of the 1.8 million learners do not register or complete high school. Secondary school teachers in Honduras on average earn 21,200 Honduras lira or 856 USD per month, with salaries ranging between 11,000  to 32,400 HNL ($446 – $1,315). The 50% median salary is 20,300 lira ($864) per month, with 25% earning less than 14,100 lira ($572) and the top 25% getting 25,300 lira ($1,027).

    • The English proficiency of Honduras, with a population of 9.9 million is rated as medium. It ranks 10th of the 20 Latin American countries and 55th of 112 countries measured in 2021.

    Teacher Salaries in the Scandinavian Countries

    The three Scandinavian that culturally identify as Norsemen are Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Finland, as a Nordic country, is these days mentioned with the Scandinavian countries.


    Starting salaries for teachers in Sweden vary between 282,670 and 480,659 Swedish Krona (26,850 – 45,668 USD), with an average of about 391,000 SEK (37,000 USD). High school teachers at the top end of their scale earn about $2,500 per year more than elementary school teachers with similar experience. English teachers earn on average 1,350 to 1,750 USD (14,000 to 23,000 Krona).

    • English is the 2nd language for 89% or 9.2 million people in Sweden.


    Teachers in Norway earn on average 25,000 to 30,000 Norwegian Krona (2,500 – 3,000 USD) per month, that equals 446,000 Kr ($44,189) per year, ranging from 217,000 to 750,000 Kr ($21,400 – $74,400). These earnings vary based on experience, skills and location. English Teachers typically earns around 473,000 Kr ($46,800) per annum.

    • English is the 2nd language for 90% or 4.5 million people in Norway.


    Primary school teachers in Denmark earn between 300,477 to 510,938 Danish Krone (41,137 – 69,951 USD) per month. Secondary school teachers earn around 33,900 Kr (4,641 USD) per month. English teachers typically earns around 31,500 Kr (4,312 USD), with salaries ranging between 18,300 and 53,900 Kr (53,900 – 7,379 USD) pm.

    • English is the 2nd language for 86% or 5.8 million people in Denmark.

    Teacher salaries in Asian countries

    In Asia, the average salary of a teacher is said to be around $36,000 pa. For example, in South Korea teachers’ salaries range from $26,000 to $100,000 for primary school teachers and from $50,000 to $150,000 for high school teachers. In China this ranges from 6,500 yuan (less than $1,000) to 30,000 yuan (about $4,500) per month for primary school teachers.


    Bangladesh has a total of 108,515 schools (63,040 government) and 483,000 teachers to educate 19.5 million learners. Salaries scales in Education are very low with 25% of personnel earning less than 19,400 Bangladesh Taka (206 USD), with a median (50%) of 29,800 ($317) and a top scale of 50,300 takas ($535). Primary school teachers typically earn around 20,000 takas ($212) per month, with salaries ranging from a low of 9,180 to 31,700 ($97 – $338) and an average of 17,700 takas ($188). Elementary school teachers typically earn around 22,200 takas, ranging from 10,200 to 35,300 BDT ($108 – $376). High school teachers earn between 11,100 and 38,400 takas ($118 – $409) per month with the median salary being 26,100 takas ($278) per month.


    Russian teachers (outside Moscow) earn around 73,700 Russian Ruble (1,266 USD) per month. The median (middle salary value) is 70,800 ($1,215), with the lower 25% being 49,100 ($843) and the upper 75% 88,100 ($1,513). Teaching salaries in Moscow salaries are much higher, (inclusive of university and departmental jobs) resulting in monthly averages ranging between 62,800 to 239,000 ruble ($1,079 – $4,105). Preschool teachers earn around 78,400 ruble ($1,346), primary school teachers 88,900 ($1,527), English high school teachers 90,600 ($1,556), math teachers 111,000 ($1,906) and a school principal 145,000 ($2,490).

    • About 11.9% or 17.5 million of Russia’s population of 145.9 million are proficient in English as a 2nd language.


    Government teachers in India on average earn ₹360,119 (4,505 USD) per year, with entry-level salaries starting at ₹250,000 ($3,128) per year. Government teacher salaries in India’s 28 States and 8 Union Territories (including Delhi) do not differ much, but once appointed, teachers have to teach where they are placed by the government.

    Teachers in India are of the lowest-paid public servants in the country. A survey showed that new high school teachers in India typically earn ₹292,686 ($3,128) per year. Primary school teachers with a few years’ experience on average earn ₹210,672 ($2,636) per year. Teachers in the big cities are paid more. Salaries in New Delhi is on average 54.9% above the national average, Mumbai (26.9% more) and Hyderabad (11.8% more).

    A State of the Education Report for India by Unesco in 2020, found that 42 percent of the teachers in both the private and government sectors work without a contract and earn under 10,000 Indian rupees (125 USD) per month. This is especially bad for the 41% percent of teachers in the private sector, where seven out of ten do not have a contract, are often underpaid, and have no benefits. Seven percent or 110,971 of the nation’s teachers (often under-qualified) run single-teacher schools, of which 89 percent are in poor rural areas.


    China has the world’s biggest educational system, with 18.44 million full-time teachers in 2021 for the estimated 300 million students. The average income for teachers in China varies between 11,200 to 32,800 Chinese yuan (1,655 – 4,729 USD) per month, with starting salaries for qualified teachers starting at 10,400 yuan ($1,537) to an upper scale of 36,000 yuan ($5,320). The median (middle 50%) salary is 20,600 yuan ($3,044) per month, with the lower 25% earning less than 14,300 yuan ($2,113) and the upper 75% getting around 22,700 yuan ($3,355) per month.

    Most foreign teachers in China earn between 14,000 and 21,000 RMB renminbi ($2,068 – $3,103) per month. Public schools tend to pay less than private institutions, ranging from 6,200 to 15,300 yuan ($916 – $2,261) per month.

    • About 1% or 10 million of China’s population of 1,450.5 million are proficient in English 2nd language, though 300 million students are learning English.


    Teacher salaries vary considerably in Pakistan, depending on location and employers. The national average salary for teachers is 30,000 Pakistani rupee (US$146) pm, with secondary school teachers earning on average Rs1,315,668 (US$6,431) per year. High school teachers typically earn around Rs70,500 ($345) pm with salaries ranging from Rs36,000 to Rs109,000 ($175 – $533) pm including benefits.

    • English is the 2nd language of 85% or 188 million of Pakistan’s 200 million people.


    The Philippines has 27.232 million learners of which 22.7 million (2022 figures) were enrolled in the 47,612 public schools and 3.4 million in the 12,861 private schools. The 800,000 teachers in public schools earn between $451 and $1,108 USD per month, those in private schools often pay less, resulting in a national average salary of around 21,250 pesos per month.

    Public teachers typically earn around 31,100 Philippine peso (552 USD) per month. Monthly salaries range from 14,300 to 49,500 PHP ($354 – $ 878). Level 1 public teachers 1 earn 25,439 peso ($451) and those on level 3, 29,798 peso ($528). Master teachers on level 1 earn 45,203 peso ($802) and those on level 4 62,449 peso ($1,108). The lower 25% of teachers earn less than 21,600 pesos ($383) and only the top 25% earn more than 44,900 pesos ($796).


    Teachers in Japan typically earn around 411,000 Japanese Yen (3,032 USD) per month. Salaries range from 214,000 to 629,000 JPY (1,578 – 4,640 USD). New English teachers get paid between 247,700 and 286,200 JPY ($1,827 – $2,111) per month, with ESL teachers earning between 200,000 to 600,000 Yen ($1,475 – 4,426) per month. Japan mostly hires American ESL teachers.


    Teacher salaries in Myanmar are low, but so is the cost of living. Secondary school teachers typically earn around 446,000 Malaysian Kyat (241 USD) per month, ranging from 210,000 to 705,000 MMK ($114 – $381) per month. The median (earned by 50%) salary is 473,000 MMK ($256) per month, with the lower 25% of teachers earning less than 307,000 MMK ($167) and the top 25% earning 624,000 kyats ($337) or more. English teachers at private schools in Myanmar reportedly earn between $1,500-$2,000 USD.


    The average salary for teachers in Singapore is 3,500 Singapore dollars (2,509 USD) per month, with the average salary for secondary school teachers around 4,500 SGD ($3,226) in the city area. These averages are based on a sample of 1,284 salaries, with the lowest reported being 2,000 and the highest salary is 6,490 SGD ($4,650) per month.


    In 2020, Thailand had 9.9 million learners in public schools with 665,000 teachers. Secondary school teachers in Thailand typically earn around 80,500 Thailand baht or 2,224 USD per month, ranging from 38,700 baht ($1,070) to 126,000 baht ($6,257). The median (50%) salary is 83,800 baht ($2,315) per month, while 25% earn less than 55,100 baht ($1,522) and the top 25% earn more than 109,000 baht ($3,010).

    Other sources say Thailand’s national average teachers’ salary is 50,000 baht ($1,384) pm, and that teachers earn between 30,00 and 35,000 baht ($830 – $970). Thailand likes using Filipino teachers and an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 ESL teachers reportedly earn between 18,000 to 50,000 baht ($500 – $1,400).

    Teacher salaries in South America

    The twelve South American countries have a combined population of 434.2 million, of which Portuguese-speaking Brazil makes up almost 50%. South and Central America are also called Latin America, comprising countries where Spanish, Portuguese, and French are predominantly spoken. Latin America totals 33 countries with a population of over 650 million if the Caribbean islands are included.


    Teaching salaries in Argentina with a population of 46 million are not high, but the cost of living is not high either. The average annual income for secondary school teachers is 1.235.141 ARS (9,647 USD). The national average (50% median) is around 47,900 ARS ($375) per month. Salaries range from 23,000 to 87,400 ARS ($180 – $683), with the lower 25% earning less than 31,900 ($250) and 75% earning less than 67,600 ($528). English ESL teachers in Argentina on average earn between $600 – $1,100 per month. English is a mandatory school subject and the demand for ESL teachers is high.

    • Argentina is rated to have the highest English proficiency among Latin American countries, but only 6% or 2.7 million of its population of 46 million use it as a 2nd language.


    Teacher salaries in Brazil range from 5,350 Brazilian Real (992 USD) for a pre-school teacher to 10,300 BRL (1910 USD) for a school principal per month. Elementary school teachers typically earn between 6,020 to 7,100 real ($1,116 – $1,316) per month. A high school math teacher typically earns around 8,450 real ($1,567). English teachers in Brazil on average earn $800 – $1,300 per month.

    • English is the 2nd language for 5% or 10.5 million of Brazil’s population of 213.5 million.


    Salaries of elementary school teachers in Chile range between 620,000 Chilean Peso per month (670 USD) to 1,920,000 CLP ($2,075) per month, with an average of 1,240,000 pesos ($1,340) per month. The bottom 25% earn less than 837,000 pesos ($904) and the top 25% more than 1,580,000 pesos ($1,700). English teachers on average earn between 550,000 and 800,000 CLP (US$600 and $865).

    • Chile ranks 7th out of 20 Latin American countries with about 10.2% of its 19.6 million citizens having some proficiency in English. 


    Colombia’s 341,000 teachers earn on average 2,899,350 Colombian peso (665 USD) per month, with 25% earning less than 2,440,000 peso ($560) and the top 25% earning above 4,380,000 peso ($1,005) per month. The median (50%) being 3,520,000 (807 USD) per month, though the national average. English teachers in Colombia is said to earn between $500 – $1,050 USD per month.


    Peru has about 350,000 teachers in charge of educating over eight million school children. Fortunately, Peru’s economy is mid-range, and compared to other countries teacher salaries seem reasonable, considering the low cost of living. Teachers in Peru on average earn around 5,370 PEN ($1,296) per month. Salaries range from a low of 2,790 sol to 8,210 sol ($714 – $2,100) per month. Primary school teachers earn around 5,340 sol ($1,380) pm, with the median salary (50%) being $2,025.

    Teacher salaries in the Middle East


    Thousands of Iran’s school teachers staged a one-day strike early in 2022 to protest their very low salaries. Elementary school teachers in Iran earn an average of 31,200,000 Iranian Rial (106 USD) per month, with salaries ranging from 15,300,000 to 48,700,000 IRR ($361 – $1,151) per month. The median (50%) salary is 31,900,000 Rial or $754 per month. The bottom 25% of elementary school teachers earn 21,200,000 IRR ($501) and less, while the top 25% are earning 41,100,000 IRR or more ($972) per month.

    • In 2018 Iran banned the teaching of English in primary schools — even after school hours — saying that students’ skills in the Persian language and Iranian Islamic culture should be strengthened in the early developmental years. The English proficiency is moderate among its population of 84 million, scoring 58th out of 112 countries tested.


    Qualified teachers in Israel on average earn 13,880 Israeli shekel (US$3,964) per month. The salary range for elementary school teachers varies between 100,290 and 170,536 ILS (28,644 – 48,705 USD), with an average of 138,614 shekel ($39,590) a year and 67 shekel an hour ($19). English teachers in Israel earn from $700 to $1,500 per month, but fluency in Hebrew is usually required apart from other qualifications and experience.
    English is an official language with 84% or 6 million Israelis using it as a 2nd language.

    The Arab League Nations

    The 22 members of the Arab League as of 2021 are Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. 


    Kuwait has among the world’s best-paid teachers, thanks to the Kuwait Dinar being the world’s most valuable currency in 2022. Primary school teachers in Kuwait earn an average of 1,010 Kuwaiti Dinar or 3,293 USD per month. Salaries range from 470 to 1,610 KWD ($1,532 – $5,250) per month. The median salary that 50% of teachers earn, is 1,100 dinar ($3,586) per month. The bottom 25% of primary school teachers earn less than 700 KWD ($2,282) while the top 25% earn more than 1,460 KWD ($4,760) pm. English (ESL) teachers in Kuwait earn between 2,600 and 4,000 USD tax-free and the usual perks regarding housing, medical insurance and end-of-contract bonus.


    Teachers in Iraq are very poorly paid compared to the Arab Gulf States. Elementary school teachers in Iraq on average earn about 1,450,000 Iraqi Dinar (987 USD) per month, with salaries ranging from 680,000 to 2,280,000 IQD ($463 – $1,552) per month. The median (50%) salary is 1,530,000 Dinar ($1,042) per month, while 25% of Elementary school teachers earn less than 996,000 Dinar ($678) per month and the top 25% earning 2,020,000 IQD ($1,375) and more.

    Saudi Arabia

    Primary school teachers in Saudi Arabia earn an average of 11,700 Saudi riyal (3,113 USD) per month, ranging from 5,360 to 18,500 SAR ($1,426 – $4,922). The median salary is 12,600 Riyal ($3,352) per month, with 25% of teachers earning less than 8,070 SAR ($4,470) while the top 25% earn 16,800 SAR ($4,470) per month.

    • Saudi Arabia is one of the more profitable destinations to teach English, with salaries ranging between $2,600 to $4,000 per month, but the English proficiency among the population of 34.8 million is very low, having scored 11th of the 12 Arab states, 104th of the 112. countries tested.

    United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE are sought-after locations for teaching abroad. Teaching all subjects in public or private schools and English at private language academies to all subjects pay very well. ESL teachers earn between 2,400-5,500 USD per month with averages of around 12,300 – 20,400 AED (3,300-5,500 USD) per month plus a number of benefits.

    English is the de facto 2nd language in the UAE with 88.5% of the population being of foreign descent (70% from Asia) and only 1.15 million of the 10 million inhabitants being indigenous Emiratis.

    Teacher salaries in the Caribbean


    Cuba has about 250,000 teachers to educate its 1.6 million school children. Teachers in Cuba typically earn around 16,800 Cuban Pesos (700 USD) per month, with salaries ranging from 8,210 to 26,100 CUP ($342 – $1088). The bottom 25% of teachers earn less than 11,400 pesos ($475), with a median (50%)  of 17,100 pesos ($713) per month and the top 25% earning more than 22,100 pesos ($922).

    • Less than 10% of Cuba’s population speak English, though was made compulsory for high school and students.

    Dominican Republic

    The average salary of teachers in the Dominican Republic is around 14,200 Dominican Pesos (262 USD) per month, with salaries ranging from 6,940 to 22,100 DOP($128 – $407) per month. The bottom 25% of teachers earn less than 9,620 pesos ($177) and the top 25% earn above 18,600 pesos ($343). English teachers earn $500 – $800.

    • Less than 10% of the DR’s population of 11,2 million have some proficiency in English.  


    Teachers in Jamaica on average earn 102,000 Jamaican dollars (677 USD) per month. Salaries range from 49,000 to 186,000 JMD (US$325) pm. Secondary school teachers with Bachelor’s degrees earn on average 70,200 JMD (US$466) pm and those with a Master’s degree 111,000 JMD (US$737) pm.

    • About half of the 2.8 million Jamaicans speak Jamaican (some say Caribbean) English.

    Teacher salaries in African countries

    Salaries of countries in Africa that are not part of the Commonwealth of Nations.


    Algeria has 105,000 public school teachers and 1.2 million learners. The average salary for an Algerian secondary school teacher is around 155,000 DZD (Algerian dinar) or 1,063 USD per month, with salaries ranging between 72,900 dinar ($500) and 245,000 dinar ($1,680) per month. The median (50%) salary is 164,000 dinar ($1,125) per month, with the lower 25% earning less than 107,000 dinar ($734), while the top 75% are earning more than 217,000 dinar ($1,488) pm. 


    Teachers in Egypt typically earn around 9,760 Egyptian Pound (518 USD) per month. Salaries range from 4,680 to 17,800 Pound ($248 – 944) and vary substantially depending on experience and the level and subject being taught.

    • English is the 2nd language for 30% or 24.9 million of Egypt’s 83 million people.


    The starting salary for primary school teachers is 27,000 Kenyan Shilling (280 USD) per month, inclusive of a commuter allowance of 5,000 Shilling ($43) pm. The average salary for high school teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission is 49,509 Shilling ($420).

    • English is the 1st language for 5% or 2.5 million Kenyans and 2nd language for 35 million.


    The typical primary school teacher earns an average of 260,000 Nigerian Naira (US$626) per month. Salaries range from 119,000 to 413,000 Naira (US$286 – 994). A secondary school teacher typically earns around 55 US dollars more than a primary school teacher. A principal earns an average of 469,000 Naira (US$1,290) per month.

    • English is used by 86% of Nigeria’s 225 million people, 141m as a 2nd language, including creole English.


    The typical primary school teacher in Uganda earns between 382,237 to 2,634,587 Uganda Shilling per month, that’s a mere US$100 – 700 pm. There are proposals to increase teacher salaries from 980k to 4.8 m Shilling ($260 – $1,275) and for secondary head teachers from 2.3m up to 10m Shilling pm ($600 – $2,260), should Kampala afford it.

    • English is the official language of Uganda, with 90% (34m) million using it as a 2nd language.

    South Africa

    Teaching in South Africa.

    South Africa is the junior partner in the five BRICS countries that have been meeting annually since 2009. South Africa is also seen as a former Anglosphere nation. Teachers’ salaries in South Africa vary from 12,000 to 40,000 ZARand (US$745 – 2,470). The average for a graduated primary school teacher with a few years experience is R17,000 (US$1,100), and for those with ten and more years’ service, R23,000 (US$1,400).

    • English is a co-official language with 31% or 5.1 million 1st language and 12 million 2nd language users in a population of 60 million.


    Secondary school teachers in Tunisia typically earn around 3,280 Tunisian dinar or 1,070 USD per month, with salaries ranging between 1,540 to 5,190 TND ($504 – $1,665) per month. The median (50%) salary is 3,480 dinar ($1,136) per month, with the bottom 25% of secondary school teachers getting less than 2,260 dinar ($738) with the top 25% earning more than 4,590 dinar ($1,500).  

    • The English proficiency of Tunisia, with a population of 11.9 million is rated as medium. It ranks 4th of the 54 African and 75th of 112 countries measured in 2021.


    Zimbabwe’s education system has a good reputation in the region, though only 150,000 teachers cater to 4.2 million students and the starting salary of assistant teachers is a mere 28,800 Zimbabwean dollars ($120) pm. Teachers in Zimbabwe are currently earning about R3,000 a month. They’re demanding salaries of about US$500. A secondary school teacher in Zimbabwe typically earns around 176,000 ZWD per month. Salaries range from 80,900 to 280,000 ZWD (US $250/ ZAR4,000 – $760/ R12,400).
    • English is the lingua franca for Zimbabwe’s 13 million people, with 0.5 1st language and 11.5m 2nd language users.

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